ATV/UTV Catalog

TIRES & WHEELS carriers & racks bumpers & winches accessories plows & implements frame & chassis utv accessories body handlebar & grips cables & levers fuel & intake engine clutch brakes drive steering & suspension bearings chemicals tools & shop exhaust electrical & ignition tires & wheels ATV / UTV CATALOG 109 FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING ATV V-BAR TIRE CHAINS • Newly designed spring loaded fastener for easy, secure installation. • Hardened steel aggressive V-Bars assure traction in demanding situations. • Weight ranges per pair approximately 14, 15, 16 and 18 lb. • Sold per pair • Build to last 4-Link 2-LINK SIZE FITS TIRE SIZE 598320 62.95 598420 93.95 51” L x 14” W 22x11x8, 25x11x8, 22x10x9, 22x11x9, 22x10x10, 22x11x10, 22x8x11 598321 66.95 598421 98.95 54” L x 14” W 24x11x10, 24x9x11, 24x10x11, 25x8x12 598322 72.95 598422 109.95 56” L x 16” W 24x13x9, 25x12x9, 25x13x9, 25x12x10, 25x11x10, 25x12x10, 25x13.5x12 598323 87.95 598423 120.95 61” L x 16” W 26x10.5x12, 26x12x12 FOUR SPACE CHAINS The 4-Space Chains have cross chains every fourth side link. 1 TWO SPACE CHAINS The 2-Space Chains have cross chains every second side link. 2 TWO MODELS AVAILABLE: Our V-bar reinforced Diamond pattern ATV traction chains feature welded v-bars on the twist link & case hardened diamonds for added traction and durability. Packed in cardboard cartons. V-BAR DIAMOND TIRE CHAINS PART # FITS TIRE SIZE 598426 133.95 22X11.00-8, 22X11X8, 22X10X9, 22X11X9, 22X10X10, 22X11X10, 23X10X10, 23X8-10, 23X8-11, 24X10X11, 24X9X11, 205/80-12, 23X10.50-12, 23X10-12, 24X9X12 598427 140.95 24X11X8, 25X11X8, 24X11X9, 24X13X9, 25X12X9, 25X13-9, 24X11.5X10, 24X11X10, 25X10X10, 25X11X10, 25X12X10, 25X10X12, 26X8-12, 26X9.5-12, 26X9-12, 270/60-12, 26X8-14, 26X9-14 598428 153.95 25X11X12, 25X13.5X12, 26X10.5X12, 26X10-12, 26X11-12, 26X12.00-12, 27X10X12, 27X11-12, 27X12X12, 27X9-12, 26X10-14, 26X11-14, 26X12-14, 27X10-14, 27X11-14, 27X12-14, 27X9-14 PART # STYLE SPACING SIZE APPLICATIONS INCH CM 121222 53.95 V-BAR 4- LINK 54 X 10 138X26CM 22X7-10, 22X8-10, 22X9-10, 22X10-10, 22X8-11 23X7-10, 23X8-10, 23X11-10, 23X8-11 121223 71.95 2-LINK 121224 49.95 4- LINK A-51.5"X14"W 130X35CM 22X9-8, 22X10-8, 22X11-8, 20X10-9, 22X10-9, 22X11-9 22X10-10, 22X11-10, 22X10-11, 23.5X8-11, 24X11.5-10, 24X8-12 24X8-11 121225 106.95 2-LINK 121226 61.95 4- LINK B-54"X14"W 138X35CM 23X10-10, 23X10-12, 24X11-10, 24X9-11, 24X10-11, 24X11-11, 24X912, 24X10-12, 24X11-12, 24X11.5-12, 25X8-12, 26X8-12 121227 96.95 2-LINK 121228 76.95 4- LINK C-57"X16"W 145X40CM 25X11-9, 25X12-9, 25X11-10, 25X12-10, 25X10-12, 25X11-12, 26X1012, 26X11-12, 26X12-12 121229 112.95 2-LINK 121230 119.95 2-LINK 65.5"X16"W 166X40CM 27X11-11, 27X10-12 121231 119.95 4- LINK 69" X 18"W 175X46CM 28X10-12, 28X12-12, 28X10-14, 28X12-14, 30X10-12, 30X12-12 DIAMOND V-BAR CHAIN 128676 109.95 V-BAR DIAMOND N/A B-54"X14.5"W 137X36CM 24X10-11, 24X11-11, 24X9-11, 23X10-12, 25X8-12, 26X8X14, 26X9.50X12, 26X9X14 128677 109.95 N/A C-56"X17"W 142X41CM 25X12-9, 25X11-10, 25X12-10, 25X10-12, 25X12-12, 26X9X12, 26X10-12, , 27X9X12, 27X9X14, 27X10X12, 27X10X14 128679 112.95 N/A 59"X18"W 166X46CM 26X12-12, 26X12X14, 27X9-12, 27X11-12, 27X10-12, 27X11X12, 27X12X12, 27X11X14 128680 116.95 N/A 69" X 18"W 175X46CM 28X10-12, 28X12-12, 28X10-14, 28X12-14, 30X10-12, 30X12-12 DIAMOND V-BAR 2 LINK STUD 4 LINK STUD V-BAR CHAIN are much deeper, they will not fall between the lugs on ATV tires. V-BAR CHAIN provide Superb traction because of the sharp points on the V-Bar. • Diamond v-bar chains are made from zinc plated carbon steel • All chains are packed per pair in a polyester bag with drawstring closure, inside a box • Diamond V-BAR ATV Tire Chains allow outdoorsmen to explore the previously unexplorable. • Extremely durable and highly aggressive to battle the most demanding traction applications. • The diamond pattern design provides superb stability and lateral traction on hills and slopes. ATV / UTV TIRE CHAINS