ATV/UTV Catalog

ITEMS • FUEL CONTAINERS All of the gas containers Rotopax manufactures for the United States are molded using our patented 3 layer design. This state of the art molding technique exceeds the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air and Research Board) requirements. Making Rotopax the only Rotational molded EPA and CARB compliant container on the market. • WATER CONTAINERS Like the gas containers, our water containers are rotationally molded and great for storing any potable liquids as well as being frozen for nice cold water all day long. However, the plastic compound is a food grade plastic so it is safe for drinking. Not recommended for gasoline. The Rotopax potable water containers are available in three sizes: 1 gallon, 1.75 gallon, and 2 gallon. Frozen for ice cold water all day long Page 868 - 871 in Fuel & Intake Page 888 in Electrical & Ignition Fully-Automatic Smart Charger, Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer, Trickle Charger, and Battery Desulfator with Temperature Compensation GENIUS2X2 GENIUS2X4 GEN5X1 GEN5X2 GEN5X3 Fully-Automatic Smart Marine Charger, 12V Onboard Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer And Battery Desulfator With Temperature Compensation GENPRO10X1 GENPRO10X2 GENPRO10X3 GENPRO10X4 DYNAMIC BMS. Equipped with an auto-enabled, advanced battery management system that provides maximum protection, performance and bidirectional cell equalization for long lasting stability. No BMS reset needed. ACTIVE PROTECTION. Protects engine against overcharge, extreme heat, short circuit, over discharge, extreme cold and over-current. Page 911 in Electrical & Ignition Page 910 in Electrical & Ignition