ATV/UTV Catalog

CHEMICALS carriers & racks bumpers & winches accessories plows & implements frame & chassis utv accessories body handlebar & grips cables & levers fuel & intake engine clutch brakes drive steering & suspension bearings chemicals tools & shop exhaust electrical & ignition tires & wheels ATV / UTV CATALOG 1885 FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING MIDGET GREASE GUN KIT Small, versatile gun allows for front or top pipe placement. Barrel takes 3 oz. grease cartridge or can be suction loaded. Includes push lock plunger, die cast T-handle that locks in place for loading, lock plunger, die cast T-handle that locks in place for loading, 5-1/2” straight grease pipe, standard-duty coupler and 3 oz. cartridge of LubriMatic grease. Develops up to 4,500 psi. With LubriMatic MultiPurpose Lithium Grease. LEVER ACTION GREASE GUN Three way loading. Heavy duty performance. Uses 14 oz. cartridge. Zinc plated. LUBRIMATIC DESCRIPTION MFG # PART # Lever Action Grease Gun 30-465 LB11155 40.95 DESCRIPTION MFG # PART # Midget Grease Gun Kit 30-192 1727 31.95 WHITE LITHIUM GREASE Special calciumsulfonate complex, water insoluble formula ideal for marine applications. Provides excellent corrosion protection under severe conditions caused by salt water and air. Use on wheel bearings (including disc brake wheel bearings), swivel hinges, pins, winches and anchor chain reels. Includes zinc additives for a clean, white color. Ideal for general home, shop,marine, snowmobile and industrial applications. Contains no silicons and can be used on plastic components. MARINE CORROSION CONTROL & TRAILER BEARING GREASE DESCRIPTION QTY/CS MFG # PART # 1 lb. Resealable Tub 12 11404 LB11404 11.69 14 oz. Cartridge 10 11402 LB11402 9.49 DESCRIPTION QTY/CS MFG # PART # 1 lb. Resealable Tub 12 11350 LB11350 9.00 14 oz. Cartridge 10 11354 LB11354 8.74 WHITE LITHIUM GREASE 12" FLEXIBLE HOSE For use on hand operated grease guns only. Steel 1/8” NPT male fittings on each end. Recommended working pressure is 5,000 PSI. Sold each. DESCRIPTION MFG # PART # 12” Flexible Hose 10-212 LB11825 10.95 A quality white lithium grease with exceptional consistency. Perfect for all engine rebuilding, metalto-metal and electrical connection applications. Sold each. DESCRIPTION QTY/CS MFG # PART # 10 oz. Tube 12 11395 LB11395 8.11 Ideal for adding oil and other fluids to small engines and marine lower units. Flexible hose for hard-to-reach fill plugs. Quart sized. 4 cc pump. Electrical Contact Grease is a state-of-the-art product which is characterized by exceptional mechanical stability. The very high load carrying ability, excellent resistance to water, oxidation and corrosion, and outstanding performance in a wide temperature range, make it a high performance premium grease. It contains no heavy metals or other harmful or environmentally undesirable additives, such as phosphorus, chlorine, zinc, phenols, antimony, barium or lead. Sold each. FLUID QUART PUMP ELECTRICAL CONTACT GREASE DESCRIPTION QTY/CS MFG # PART # 2 oz. Tube 12 11755 LB11755 9.27 DESCRIPTION MFG # PART # Pump, Sold Each, Packaged 55-001 LB11244 9.22 Protects internal components of 2- and 4-cycle engines from rust, corrosion or seizing during seasonal storage. Displaces moisture on all electrical motors, wet engines and equipment. Frees and loosens rusted nuts, bolts and parts in a super penetrating action. Lubricates and silences irritating squeaks. Cleans and protects metal surfaces. Sold each. STORAGE FOGGING OIL HIGH-VISCOSITY 80w/90 GEAR LUBE Ideal for modern outboard and stern strive lower units. Meets or exceeds API-MT-1and GL-5 ratings. Will not void manufacturer's warranties. Sold each. DESCRIPTION QTY/CS MFG # PART # 9.75 oz. Can 12 11412 LB11412 16.44 DESCRIPTION QTY/CS MFG # PART # 1 Quart 12 11552 LB11552 14.96