ATV/UTV Catalog

PLOWS & IMPLEMENTS body accessories handlebar & grips cables & levers engine fuel & intake carriers & racks plows & implements frame & chassis utv accessories bumpers & winches electrical & ignition clutch brakes drive steering & suspension bearings tires & wheels chemicals tools & shop exhaust 208 | 207-942-6769 Get your UTV ready for plowing with the WARN ProVantage Plow System. The system has been engineered from the ground up and extensively tested to give the product years of service, so you and your vehicle can plow season after season. The ProVantage UTV Plow system has the same rapid connection system as the ATV system, but it uses a big UTV specific 72” plow blade to move material. Just add the UTV blow base, your plow lift mechanism (either the ProVantage Power-Lift of a WARN XT40 or XT30 winch), order your accessories of choice and you’re ready to get to work! STEP 1) PICK YOUR PLOW BLADE STRAIGHT PLOW BLADE The WARN Plow Push Tube assembly features an extra-wide design for increased stability and durability, a forward trip system, and an interlocked rotating base plate for great strength, outstanding durability, and excellent impact resistance. STEP 2) ORDER YOUR PLOW BASE/PUSH TUBE ASSEMBLY STEP 3) ORDER YOUR PLOW MOUNTING KIT • Rapid connection system: easy-on, easy-off, thanks to self-locating pin design • Mount is located at the front of the vehicle - no need to crawl under the UTV • No need to remove mount during non-plowing seasons; no reduction in ground clearance • Each kit is engineered to fit a specific UTV make and model. See application guide below for availability of front plow mounts for your vehicle. MOUNTING KITS UTV UTV WR79805 525.60 DESCRIPTION PART # 72” STRAIGHT BLADE WR79958 581.96 66” STRAIGHT BLADE 208196 533.65 HOW TO ORDER YOUR WARN PROVANTAGE UTV PLOW SYSTEM: 1) PICK YOUR PLOW BLADE 2) ORDER PLOW BASE/PUSH TUBE ASSEMBLY 3) PICK YOUR PLOWMOUNTING KIT 4) CHOOSE YOUR RAISING MECHANISM UTV UTV UTV UTV UTV UTV MODEL YEAR PART # CAN AM Commander 800 (R ) (X) (XT) (DPS) (XT-P) (LTD) (MAX) 12-20 WR85690 C 323.36 Commander 1000 (R ) (X) (XT) (DPS) (XT-P) (LTD) (MAX) 12-20 WR85690 C 323.36 Defender (DPS) 16-21 WR95850 261.71 Defender (XT) (XT CAB) 16-21 WR95850 261.71 MODEL YEAR PART # HONDA Big Red (MUV700) 08-13 WR80913 241.99 Pioneer 500 15-21 208186 H 261.71 Pioneer 520 2021 208186 H 261.71 Pioneer 700 14-21 WR93954 C 261.71 Pioneer 1000 16-21 208193 C 261.35