ATV/UTV Catalog

ENGINE body accessories handlebar & grips cables & levers engine fuel & intake carriers & racks plows & implements frame & chassis utv accessories bumpers & winches electrical & ignition clutch brakes drive steering & suspension bearings tires & wheels chemicals tools & shop exhaust 420 | 207-942-6769 NAMURA ATV PISTON & GASKET SETS • All Namura Pistons have Molybdenium/Teflon skirt coatings that minimize resistance and wear to provide extended life • All Namura Pistons have anodized domes that provide superior heat resistance and extended life span • All Namura Pistons have super-high silicone content for additional strength • All Namura Pistons have premium world class rings produced by the largest Japanese OEM supplier in the world • Rings will fit OEM pistons • Namura Top End Repair Kits include pistons, rings and top end gasket sets • Namura Top End Gasket Sets are precision cut Klingersil coated steel head gaskets for better sealing and high-temperature resistance PISTON KITS • MOS2 (Teflon/Molybdenum) Coated Skirts A rolled on application process provides a bond that is 10 times stronger than other spray on coatings. Benefits include increased heat transfer, reduced friction and helping to eliminate cold seizures. • Machined Smooth Heads Reflects combustion heat and reduces carbon buildup, protecting the top of the piston. Some tests have shown this feature can increase horse power and fuel economy by up to 6% • Anodized Domes Increases heat resistance and durability; pistons with anodized domes are 75% stronger than non-anodized pistons • Hypereutectic Casting Process Provides higher silicon content for reduced expansion rates and additional wear resistance; it also has an ability to withstand higher cylinder temperatures GASKET KITS Designed and produced using performance materials to provide greater reliability and durability to withstand the needs of today’s hardest working engines. TOP END REPAIR KITS Provides you with all the necessary components to complete your rebuild: these include a Top-End Gasket Set, Pistons, Rings, Wrist Pins, Circlips and Silver Coated SCM415 High Strength Chromoly Needle Bearings where needed.