ATV/UTV Catalog

CONTINUE TO THE NEXT PAGE BUILD YOUR OWN KIT PLOWS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER. IN-STOCK DATE 8-01-23 STEP ONE: CHOOSE YOUR PLOW STEP TWO: CHOOSE YOUR PUSH TUBE We’ve made it easy to build your kit for your ATV or UTV. There are different steps for different machines, so if you want to build the right kit for you, make sure you follow the info below and throughout this booklet to ensure you’re getting the most out of your selected setup. ATV: Choose your steel or flex blade. UTV: Choose your steel or poly blade. ATV: Choose your push tube (only 1). UTV: Choose your push tube (only 1). STEP THREE: CHOOSE YOUR LIFTING MECHANISM ATV: Manual Lift or Winch. (For winches see winch pages.) UTV: Choose your winch. (See winch pages.)