ATV/UTV Catalog

CONTINUE TO THE NEXT PAGE CONTINUED NOTES UTV PLOW MOUNTS PLOW ACCESSORIES MODEL STYLE YEARS NOTES MOUNT YAMAHA CONTINUED Wolverine X4 / SE ’18-19 A, N 812331 113.95 Wolverine X4 (all models) ’20-23 812310 99.95 A Plow mount includes a lower 2” Receiver Hitch (built -in) B Requires Stock Front Bumper C Requires Drilling D Requires KFI Winch Mount #812487 or Polaris OEM Winch Mount E Requires KFI Winch Mount #812491 F Requires KFI Winch Mount #812486 H Requires KFI Fairlead Bracket #812488 J Requires KFI 2” Leveling Kit #812200 (New Tubes 812229) K Requires KFI Winch Mount #812514 L Requires KFI Winch Mount #101520 and 2” Leveling Kit M Requires KFI Winch Mount #812517 or Can-Am OEM Winch Mount N Requires KFI Winch Mount #812518 O Will not work with plow leveling kit P This mount only works with push tubes 812228. We also recommend the HD Kit #812186 Q Requires Square KFI UTV Push Tubes #812229 R Will not work with front bumper S Not compatible with a wide winch T Requires winch mount #812527 X Recommend also purchasing Extension kit #812194 to help plow clear tires on angle raises due to RZR Geometry design. ** Recomends also purchasing the #812168 Plow Pulley if using STEEL cable winches or #106270 Plow Pulley if using SYNTHETIC cabled winches *** This mount is specifically designed for use with the stock Polaris Glacier mounting system, No machine modifications required, else use part # 812312 TYPE STYLE MFG # PART # MSRP STEEL CABLE STD 105270 812168 34.95 STEEL CABLE WIDE 105465 812172 39.95 TYPE STYLE MFG # PART # MSRP SYNTHETIC CABLE STD 106270 812195 41.95 SYNTHETIC CABLE WIDE 106465 812208 47.95 KFI PLOW FAIRLEAD (STANDARD) 105270 106270 105465 106465