Marine Catalog

CHEMICALS flotation devices engine tools tools MARINE towables & floats body controls electrical driveline fuel & intake chemicals ie downs dock accessories accessories towing & loading MARINE CATALOG 305 FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING ULTIMATE MAGIC SPONGE XL DESCRIPTION QTY/CS MFG # PART # Microfiber Reggae Wash Mitt 12 40105 904706 12.30 • Use wet for washing, dry for dusting • Machine washable MICROFIBER REGGAE WASH MITT The fastest way to remove stains, scuffs and streaks from fiberglass and vinyl surfaces. The fastest way to remove stains, scuffs and streaks from fiberglass and vinyl surfaces. • Creates an invisible, non-sticky barrier against corrosion • Non-aerosol formula is safe for all painted, chromed and bare metal surfaces • PTEF® polymers bond to treated surfaces to help repel moisture, dirt, grime and more • Easy to use; spray on and let dry • Ideal for protecting bikes as well as cars, trucks, tools, trailers and all other metal surfaces ULTIMATE CORROSION BLOCKER DESCRIPTION QTY/CS MFG # PART # ULTIMATE Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser 32 oz. 6 96432 904698 16.19 • Uses the power of citrus to remove the tough- est grime, dirt, fish blood, grease stains and more • Biodegradable formula works on all surfaces • Removes gummy residue from decals • Begins breaking up stains on contact • Ideal for boat, home & garage use ULTIMATE CITRUS CLEANER & DEGREASER DESCRIPTION QTY/CS MFG # PART # ULTIMATE Corrosion Blocker 22 oz. 6 95422 904697 23.19 DESCRIPTION QTY/CS MFG # PART # SALT OFF Protector with PTEF Gal. 4 93900 904693 64.76 SALT OFF Protector with PTEF 22 oz. 12 93922 904694 12.63 SALT OFF Protector with PTEF Concentrate 32 oz. 12 93932 904695 23.13 SALT OFF Protector Kit with PTEF 32 oz. w/Applicator 6 94000 904696 44.36 • Removes salt deposits from all marine surfaces • Use as a motor flush in I/O and outboard engines • Rinses away salt buildup on hulls, decks, rails, towers, diving equipment, rods, reels and more • Wash away roadsalt on trailers and equipment used in winter weather PTEF (Protective Polymer Barrier Coating) STAR BRITE SALT OFF CONCENTRATE • For home, auto, Rv, boat & more • Instantly erases dirt, grime, scuff marks and streaks • Removes scuffs and stains from vinyl, plastic and fiberglass • Ideal for walls, appliances, baseboards, show- ers, tubs and tiles Removes Salt Deposits & Leaves a Protective PTEF Coating Salt Off ® Concentrate is specifically formulated to quickly and effectively remove salt deposits from metal, fiberglass, plastic or painted surfaces. It contains special polymers that bond to the treated surface to help prevent the formation of future deposits. Depending on the application, Salt Off ® can be sprayed directly onto the surface to be treated and then rinsed with fresh water, or simply left in place. The formula is safe for use on all boats, vehicles, trailers, marine parts, engines, fishing and dive gear and more. It will not etch, stain or otherwise damage metal or plastic surfaces. It is ideal for removing salt water deposits from boats and fishing gear, as well as for protecting cars or trailers from the damage caused by exposure to road salt. Salt Off ® is also very effective at protecting marine engines used in salt water; when used with the Salt Off ® Applicator, it will flush deposits from the engine’s cooling system to help insure maximum performance and service life. The Applicator can also be used to more easily apply Salt Off ® to large areas. Salt Off ® is available in convenient, Ready to Use, 22 ounce spray bottles as well as in concentrated form, in 32 ounce and 1-gallon containers. DESCRIPTION QTY/CS MFG # PART # Magic Sponge XL 8 41008 904709 7.99 Magic Sponge 18 41018 904708 2.99