Marine Catalog

TOOLS flotation devices engine tools tools MARINE towables & floats body controls electrical driveline fuel & intake chemicals ie downs dock accessories accessories towing & loading MARINE CATALOG 365 FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING DESCRIPTION U/M ITEM# MOBILE TASK LIGHT - RECHARGEABLE - 1200 LUMENS EA 989342 49.99 DESCRIPTION U/M ITEM# FLEXIT HEADLAMP - 250 LUMENS EA 989337 39.99 RISK RACING MAGNETIC LIGHT MINE PROFESSIONAL FLASHLIGHT DESCRIPTION U/M ITEM# FLEXIT SOLAR FLEXIBLE FLASHLIGHT 500 LUMENS/SPOT EA 989338 49.99 RISK RACING FLEXIBLE MAGNETIC FLASHLIGHT RISK RACING MOTION ACTIVATED LIGHTING SYSTEM The MPI creates five points of light, all from your existing fixture! These 5 points spread light to all corners of the room, filling the entire space and reducing shadows caused by single-point illumination. This system installs in minutes and is powered by a standard ceiling fixture, eliminat - ing the need to hire an electrician to properly light large spaces like a garage, attic, or basement. DESCRIPTION U/M ITEM# MPI - MULTI POINT MOTION ACTIVATED LIGHTING SYSTEM EA 989339 249.99 RISK RACING TRILIGHT CEILING LIGHT DESCRIPTION U/M ITEM# TRILIGHT MOTION ACTIVATED CEILING LIGHT EA 989340 129.99 The TRiLIGHT motion sensing LED ceiling light replaces the dim light bulb typically found in your garage, basement or utility room. Upgrading to 4000 TrueLumens Bright White LED light and motion activation is as easy as screwing in a light bulb! Now with adjustable motion sensitivity! RISK RACING TRILIGHT SHOPLIGHT DESCRIPTION U/M ITEM# TRILIGHT SHOPLIGHT EA 989341 129.99 The TRiLIGHT ShopLight quickly transforms from a 360 degree 3000 Tru- eLumen drop light, into an omni-directional shop light, and any light pattern in-between. This adapt - ability offers a wider variety of more useful light arrays in comparison to traditional shop lighting. RISK RACING MOBILE TASK LIGHT • 500 lumens • Center CREE LED spot light • Dual charging via solar panel or micro-USB • Red night reading LEDs • Fully flexible body • Non-marring rubber magnetic durable base • Shape-Loc frame • 5 light modes • Weather resistant • 250 True Lumens • Center CREE LED spot light • Comfort fit foam • Fully flexible body • 5 light modes • Weather resistant • 1200 lumens • Dual focus lens • Dual Lithium-ion battery technology • Micro-USB Rechargeable • 4 light modes (high, medium, low, strobe) • Battery level indication, via button when The Mobile Task Light is turned off • Adjustable Aluminum Head • Steel ExoSkeleton • Hanging Hooks • Universal camera tripod mount