Marine Catalog

DOCK ACCESSORIES accessories towables & floats body controls electrical driveline engine fuel & intake chemicals tie downs tools MARINE dock accessories tools flotation devices towing & loading 422 | 207-942-6769 PWC FENDERS Personal watercraft require specialized fenders to prevent damage from floating underneath docks designed for boats. These 3" x 18" fenders have nylon covers and attach to PWCs with 2 giant suction cups or secure under your hood and seat. Great for docking, rafting boat to boat, PWC to boat, or PWC to PWC. 2 per Package. Color: Black. PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION U/M 966517 SB-4 PWC Fenders, 2 pack, Black EA 31.99 PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION U/M 966494 HH-P1B HULL HUGR PWC Fender, Black EA 28.99 PWC FENDER Docking a PWC has never been safer with the introduction of the HULL HUGR PWC Fender. Engineered specifically for PWCs, it hinges in the center to better protect PWC bodies from docks designed for bigger boats. It hooks under the rub rail with a molded acetyl hook integrated into the back of the fender. If your PWC has them, you'll want to connect the top of the fender to a cleat or ski eye with the adjustable strap and vinyl dipped steel hook provided. If not, simply thread the strap though the rubber block provided and place it inside the PWC's storage compartment, then shut it. The block anchors the fender strap perfectly and will not damage the body. We recommend 2 fenders per PWC. Fits all PWCs. BUNGEE DOCK LINE AIRHEAD Bungee Dock Lines absorb shock to boats, cleats, docks, pylons and other hardware. The bungee cord is hidden inside the rope and acts as a built-in snubber. Two foam floats protect the boat from chafing. There's a sliding adjustment at both ends for quick docking. Recommended for docking boats and PWCs up to 4,000 pounds. Tensile strength is 2,150 pounds. Black/Blue/Red color scheme. PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION U/M 966156 AHDL-4 HULL HUGR Bungee Dock Line 4’ EA 18.99 966157 AHDL-5 HULL HUGR Bungee Dock Line 5’ EA 19.99 966158 AHDL-6 HULL HUGR Bungee Dock Line 6’ EA 20.99