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DOCK ACCESSORIES accessories towables & floats body controls electrical driveline engine fuel & intake chemicals tie downs tools MARINE dock accessories tools flotation devices towing & loading 426 | 207-942-6769 The number one cause of boating accidents is darkness. The Safe-T-Cleat is an eco-friendly solar powered dock cleat that creates enhanced visibility in all weather conditions. The 12-inch long cleat incorporates a solar panel that powers its integrated LED night light for up to ten hours when completely charged. Made from heavy duty, scratch resistant fiber-glass reinforced plastic; it resists rope chafing and withstands pressure up to 22,000 PSI. The Safe-T-Cleat comes in your choice of an ivory, black, or clear finish. Four mounting holes provide a wide footprint for secure docking of small and medium sized vessels up to 38' in length. Perfect for mounting on any flat surface, Including: docks, seawalls, pontoon boats, and floating diving platforms. The Safe-T-Cleat operates using one 1.2V NI-MH battery and is included. Battery replacement is also easy. Four 3/8 bolts are required for installation. Bolts not included. The Safe-T-Cleat was designed with safety in mind. Made in the USA. Product Features: • Lights automatically to provide a safe, eco-friendly dock environment • Wide footprint provides docking security for any small to mid-size pleasure craft • Long lasting replaceable battery • Heavy-duty scratch resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic • No rusting or rope chafing SAFE-T-CLEAT COLOR MFG # PART # Clear 12100 530054 45.95 White 12120 530056 45.95 The Cleat Seat Retractable Dock Cleat is the cleat seat that won't hurt your feet! The Cleat Seat provides the convenience of a dock cleat without the stubbed toes that often come along with them. This sturdy 6.5 inch x 10 inch dock cleat features a 2.75 inch high cleat that folds into a 1.25 inch low profile base to provide a smooth top surface. Coupled with its angled sides, this patented design prevents toe stubbing and tripping, and is a boating safety innovation that is provided only by CIPA. The Cleat Seat is also both strong and durable. It is made of a nylon composite that is rated at 27,000 pounds per square inch of tensile strength. The materials will not corrode in salt air, and is UV stabilized to deflect heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The Cleat Seat provides more safety and style than the old fashioned aluminum cleats. Accepts up to 1/2 inch dock line. The Cleat Seat is available in solid black, or in white with a black cleat part number 02101 (CS101). Mounting hardware not included. THE CLEAT SEAT COLOR MFG # PART # Black 02100 530057 29.95 White 02101 530058 29.95 Product Features: • Strong Nylon composite is rated at 27,000 pounds per square inch tensile strength • Durable Materials will not corrode in salt air. UV Stabilized-heat deflection to 400 degrees Fahrenheit • Attractive Looks much nicer than aluminum cleats • Safe The cleat is not exposed when not in use • Safe The sides of the cleat are angled to prevent toe stubbing and tripping