Marine Catalog

TOWABLES & FLOATS flotation devices engine tools tools MARINE towables & floats body controls electrical driveline fuel & intake chemicals ie downs dock accessories accessories towing & loading MARINE CATALOG 69 FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING AIR PUMPS AIR PRESSURE GAUGE Ensure that your inflatables are inflated to the proper pressure for peak performance with AIRHEAD’s Air Pressure Gauge. Maybe even more importantly, protect your investment by not overinflating them, causing irreparable damage. AIRHEAD’s Air Pressure Gauge monitors air pressure from 0 - 5 psi with precision. PART # MFG # U/M DESCRIPTION 966667 19.99 AHPG-1 EA AIRHEAD Pressure Gauge Boston Valves H Style Valves Stem Valves Speed Safety Valve MULTI-VALVE AIRHEAD MULTI-VALVE consists of 2 Boston valves with different thread patterns on the bottom and a Shrader valve with cap. One of the Boston valves is sure to fit the thread pattern of your inflatable, no matter what brand. The Boston Valves have a square base, which is much easier to turn than a round base, especially with wet hands. Use the Shrader valve to inflate your inflatables at a gas station or with an air compressor. Alternatively, screw off the Shrader valve and inflate the Boston valve with an AIRHEAD air pump. All components are bright red and green, so they're easy to find. BOSTON VALVES Always Carry a Spare! The 2 Boston valves have different thread patterns. One is sure to fit the thread pattern of your inflatable, no matter what brand. They have square bases, which are much easier to turn than round, especially with wet hands. Bright red, so they’re easy to find. PART # MFG # U/M DESCRIPTION 966192 11.99 AHMV-1 EA AIRHEAD Multi-Valve, Blister Pack PART # MFG # U/M DESCRIPTION 966154 8.99 AHBV-2 EA AIRHEAD Boston Valve, 2 pk. AIR DADDY TM AIR DADDY lets you get to the fun times more quickly! It allows you to inflate towables, swim toys, beach toys, inflatable boats, rafts, air beds and sport balls with an air compressor at home or at a gas station. AIR DADDY is a universal adapter tapered to fit all valves found on inflatables, including all sizes of stem valves and Boston valves, Halkey-Roberts and Leafield valves. The screw-on tip creates a high pressure stream of air, perfect for workshops and garages. Soccer ball or football low on air? Stop by a gas station and use AIR DADDY’s needle valve! Both the needle valve and high pressure tip stow securely in the handle. PART # MFG # U/M DESCRIPTION 966138 8.99 AHAD-1 EA AIRHEAD Air Daddy VINYL REPAIR KIT Are you rough on your inflatables? Better keep a repair kit handy! This kit includes a 1-ounce tube of the best commercial grade vinyl cement available and 4 - 2" round vinyl patches. Blister packed. PART # MFG # U/M DESCRIPTION 966211 7.99 AHRK-1 EA AIRHEAD Vinyl Repair Kit