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ELECTRICAL accessories towables & floats body controls electrical driveline engine fuel & intake chemicals tie downs tools MARINE dock accessories tools flotation devices towing & loading 132 | 207-942-6769 MFG # OUTPUT INPUT CASE QTY PART # 022-0209BT-WH 12V-4A 6V-4A Lead Acid / Lithium 120V 50/60Hz 4 462013 95.95 MFG # OUTPUT INPUT CASE QTY PART # 022-0186GDL-WH 112V-5.0A 120V 50/60Hz (240V Available) 12 462014 142.95 MFG # OUTPUT INPUT CASE QTY PART # 022-0258 12V-5.0A 24V- 2.5A Standard Lithium- AGM 120V 50/60Hz 6 462015 129.95 BATTERY TENDER PLUS 4A Quickly Charge Lithium and Lead Acid Batteries. The fully automatic 4 Amp Power Tender is a top-of-the-line 12V or 6V switchable battery charger, perfect for automotive, motorcycle and marine repair and maintenance shops. And it comes in this decorative collectible metal canister! • Selectable for AGM/Standard/GEL or Lithium (LiFePO4) *12V only for Lithium • ISM™ (Infinite Sequential Monitoring) of the fully automatic 4-step charge process (qualification, bulk charge, absorption, float) • Microprocessor controlled • Spark proof even when output leads touch. • Reverse Polarity Protection - no charge or battery damage • State of charge LED indicators • Includes Rings & Clips • Shipping Weight: 3.15lbs • Dimensions: 6.8” x 3.68” x 1.96” (charger only) • Lead acid safety timer: 25 hrs. • Lithium safety timer: 15 hrs. • 5 year warranty The 5 amp 12 volt Battery Tender charger is a fully automatic High Frequency switch mode charger. It has 4 stage charging (Qualification, bulk, absorption and float) When the recharge is complete the charger will float (maintain) the battery for an extended period of time at full state of charge. It is specifically designed for AGM batteries but will easily recharge all lead acid batteries form the small Powersports batteries up to and including large deep cycle batteries for automotive, marine, agriculture, construction, virtually any lead acid battery. It is completely safe and includes a 72 hour timer to prevent further damage to marginal batteries. It is fully approved for the California and Oregon markets. It is a smart charger that you just put on and leave on until you are ready to use the vehicle. BATTERY TENDER PLUS 5A • 4-Step Fully Automatic Charging (Initialization, Bulk, Absorption, Float) Automatically switches to float / maintenance voltage after fully charging the battery. • Perfect for all lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and Gel Cell) • Spark Proof • Short Circuit Protected • Reverse Polarity Protected • Safety timer: 72 hrs • Listed in California Appliance Efficiency Database • Agency Approvals: UL / CSA / BC / FCC • Dimensions: 3.99W x 8.26L x 2.34H • AC Power Cord Length: 6 ft. - 18AWG • DC Output Cord Length 4.5 ft. - 18AWG • DC Accessory Length 1.5 ft. • Weight: 3.0 lbs. • Warranty: 5 Years This advanced Battery Tender 5A is microprocessor controlled by BTP Technology. It is water resistant and vibration resistant. It charges both flooded and sealed maintenance free lead acide batteries of any capacity. With the automatic four-step charging program (Initiation, Bulk, Absorption, and Maintenance), you can charge your battery with ease and are always ready to go. Battery Tender(R) assures the highest quality, fast-charging convenience and performance. The choice of collectors, dealers, and fleet owners, our state-ofthe art chargers can actually save hundreds of dollars in replacement batteries! BATTERY TENDER POWER TENDER MFG # OUTPUT INPUT CASE QTY PART # 022-0227-DL-WH 12V-1.25A 12V-20A 12V-75A 120V 50/60Hz 2 462016 267.95 Battery Tender Power Plus Series Chargers have more power and can charge batteries big and small. Integrated Wi-Fi lets you connect your charger to the internet, get alerts, and control your charger from your iOS or Android device. The power plus series also give you the power to connect your battery to the internet. A charger for every situation - packed with new features, an internet connection, and the latest technology. BATTERYTENDERPOWERPLUS75A HIGH POWER BATTERY CHARGERS // 10A+ LOW POWER BATTERY CHARGERS // 0.75A - 5A CONTINUED