Marine Catalog

ELECTRICAL accessories towables & floats body controls electrical driveline engine fuel & intake chemicals tie downs tools MARINE dock accessories tools flotation devices towing & loading 138 | 207-942-6769 BATTERY TERMINAL CLEANER • All metal construction • Quality stainless steel brushes • Cleans both battery post and terminals W147 4.95 • Deluxe 4-way insulated crimping tool • Crimper, wire stripper, wire cutter • Insulated vinyl cushion grips CRIMPING TOOL W190 6.95 TUBE STYLE BATTERY TESTER • Easy to read color coded hydrometer • Gives precise readings for status of battery cells • Acid resistant w1653 5.95 • Tests AC and DC circuits • Volt and ohm analyzer • Includes batteries and instructions POCKET MULTI-TESTER W2979 14.95 • For all 12 volt systems • Easy to read LED lights • Shows battery stateof-charge and level of alternator output BATTERY/ALTERNATOR VOLTAGE CHECKER W2980 10.95 • Features AC and DC volt measurement, DC current measurement, resistance measurement, diode test and Ohms • LCD, on/off switch and two 32” test leads • Low battery and over range indicators • Automatic zero adjust • 9V battery included DIGITAL MULTI TESTER W2974 12.95 260133 46.95 260134 14.95 100 AMP BATTERY LOAD TESTER • Accurately test the condition of your battery and charging systems • Performs both a voltage test and 15-second battery-load test • 100-amp capacity • Reliable and highly accurate, works on both 6- and 12-volt batteries • Extra heavy leads with strain relief and colorcoded, insulated, copper plated steel clamps BATTERY ALTERNATOR TESTER • Easy to use battery / alternator tester • Plug in to the 12V cigarette lighter in your car, the LED indicators will show you the status of your battery and alternator • 3 LED indicators to show the battery condition: weak, normal or strong • 3 LED indicators to check the status of the alternator voltage: low, normal or high • Works on any 12 volt system, compact design for easy storage • Compact size, a handy item for your glove box so you know right away if the problem you have is related to the battery or alternator