Marine Catalog

TOWABLES & FLOATS accessories towables & floats body controls electrical driveline engine fuel & intake chemicals tie downs tools MARINE dock accessories tools flotation devices towing & loading 30 | 207-942-6769 TOWABLES Slither across the wake riding on the Airhead Sea Monster for a towable ride like never before. This mythical creature is three towables in one! Four friends can ride together by connecting all three towables, creating the ultimate Sea Monster! The three towables can be used in 9 different configurations from 1 to four riders. The “Head” and “Body” towables feature heavy duty double-stitched nylon covers. All 3 sections are constructed of heavy-duty PVC with the Kwik Connect Tow System. Patented Speed Safety Valves for fast easy inflating and deflating. You’ll be sure to turn heads as your Airhead Sea Monster comes to life. SEA MONSTER - 4 RIDER PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION 968558 606.99 AHSM-418 AIRHEAD SEA MONSTER The Airhead Thrust is an out-of-this-world thrill ride. A deck tube offering more bounce, riders should make sure they’re ready to go before blast-off! With the back of the main tube resting on the water, but the front raised slightly, you’ll feel like you’re airborne with every wake and jump you make. The durable 30 gauge RF welded PVC bladder is completely wrapped in double-stitched 840-denier nylon. A heavy-duty Kwik-Connect provides easy hook-ups and patented Speed Safety Valves for fast easy inflating and deflating. 1-3 rider, 74.5 in. x 55 in. (deflated) THRUST - 3 RIDER PART # MFG # U/M DESCRIPTION 968559 586.99 AHTU-03 EA AIRHEAD THRUST Splash, slither, and swirl across the water’s surface in this 3 person towable tube. Sidewinder was created for the family that loves to have fun together, but celebrates each person’s uniqueness. Sidewinder is composed of three separate tubes that can be connected together or used individually. Tow one, two, or three tubes at any given time. No matter which arrangement you choose, comfort is guaranteed through EVA knuckle guards, inflated floors, and double stitched nylon covers. The heavy gauge PVC bladder and Patented Speed Safety Valve ensure fast and easy inflating and deflating. Plus, Kwik-Connect hooks make it simple to attach or release tube configurations. Sidewinder offers a different experience for each person in this trio of cockpit-style tubes. It’s certain to amaze and amuse riders of all ages. Features: • Linkable: Connect multiple tubes for an even more adventurous ride • Partially Covered: Part of the tube is covered with our double stitched nylon for comfort and durability • Kwik-Connect: Our one-of-a-kind tow system lets you quickly and easily connect your tube to the rope SIDEWINDER PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION 966822 451.99 AHSW-4320 AIRHEAD SIDEWINDER Front Tube: 53 in. x 53 in. (deflated) Middle Tube: 84 in. x 68 in. (deflated) Rear Tube: 63 in. x 45 in. (deflated)