Marine Catalog

TOWABLES & FLOATS accessories towables & floats body controls electrical driveline engine fuel & intake chemicals tie downs tools MARINE dock accessories tools flotation devices towing & loading 50 | 207-942-6769 NOODLER™ 1 & 2 PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION 966114 37.99 54-1851 SPORTSSTUFF NOODLER 1 966115 77.99 54-1852 SPORTSSTUFF NOODLER 2 CANTINA LOUNGE There's always a party in the pool or lake with CANTINA LOUNGE! It features comfortable cool mesh seating with great back support for 1 to 4 people. Four molded cup holders keep drinks close at hand. The large recessed area in the center conveniently holds sundries or ice and drinks. Constructed of heavy gauge PVC. Size: 86" x 60" deflated. PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION 966663 142.99 54-2025 SPORTSSTUFF CANTINA LOUNGE Relax with the NOODLER Lounges, available in 1 and 2 person sizes. Cool off, kick back and enjoy the comfortable mesh seating. Slip your favorite cool beverage into the built in drink holder. Flip the NOODLERs over and have a custom belly board to splash up some fun with! Heavy-duty K80 PVC construction with patented Speed Safety Valve allows you to inflate or deflate them quickly and easily. If you want relaxation at the pool, beach, or lake this summer then the Sportsstuff NOODLER Lounges are your ticket to serenity. 966114: 1 person, 33” X 44” deflated 32” x 42” inflated 966115: 1-2 person, 55” X 77” deflated 54” X 71” inflated LOUNGE & PLAY JUSTA TUBE is not really just a tube! Sure it’s a black donut, but it’s a hypoallergenic black donut, much less likely to cause an allergic reaction than that old truck tube you used to use! The Schrader valve stem is shorter than a standard auto valve and has a tapered cap, so there’s no discomfort or scratching legs. It’s made of isobutylene isoprene synthetic rubber, an upgrade from a standard tire tube. It’s more resistant to heat, abrasion, ozone and sunlight. JUSTA TUBE provides year round fun and is easy to store! It’s a durable snow tube in winter. In summer, you’ll enjoy it as a durable river, lake, pool or ocean float. PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION 968065 34.99 52-1132 SPORTSSTUFF JUSTA TUBE - 32” 968066 49.99 52-1140 SPORTSSTUFF JUSTA TUBE - 40” JUSTA TUBE