Marine Catalog

TOWABLES & FLOATS accessories towables & floats body controls electrical driveline engine fuel & intake chemicals tie downs tools MARINE dock accessories tools flotation devices towing & loading 54 | 207-942-6769 PERFORMANCE KAYAK PADDLE This 7 foot long kayak paddle breaks down into 2 sections for convenient stowing. You can easily adjust the blade angle for standard or offset paddling. The lightweight and durable aluminum shaft has drip rings and foam hand grips for comfort and to ensure that the paddle will float if dropped. The large ABS blades are curved for greater paddling efficiency. KAYAK PADDLE A good portable kayak paddle at a great price. The 3-section aluminum and plastic paddle is 86 inches long. Break it down for compact storage (stows in a 6” x 22” x 3” space). PART # MFG # U/M DESCRIPTION 966272 26.99 AHTK-P1 EA AIRHEAD KAYAK PADDLE, 3 section, aluminum PART # MFG # U/M DESCRIPTION 966273 50.99 AHTK-P2 EA AIRHEAD KAYAK PADDLE, deluxe 2 section KAYAK PADDLE AIRHEAD’s 86 inch kayak paddle breaks down into 4 sections for compact storage. The blades are asymmetrical to equalize the force on both sides of the blade when paddling, which in turn results in less twisting of the paddle. The high impact plastic blades are lightweight and reinforced with fiberglass for added durability. Blade angles are adjustable with a simple release of the spring loaded pin and a twist of the lightweight anodized aluminum shaft. PART # MFG # U/M DESCRIPTION 966274 46.99 AHTK-P3 EA AIRHEAD KAYAK PADDLE, 4 section, 220cm PART # MFG # U/M DESCRIPTION 966179 27.99 AHIB-53 PR AIRHEAD Oars, 53”, White, 1 pair OARS These inexpensive oars are designed for use with AIRHEAD and other inflatableboats. The2 sectionaluminumshafts aredurableand lightweight. The 15 in. high impact plastic blades and grips are designed for maximum rowing efficiency and comfort. Length: 53 in., 1 pair per package. PADDLES TELESCOPING PADDLE These lightweight paddles adjust easily to variable lengths with a simple twist. A section of the aluminum shaft disappears inside the blade to allow for compact storage under boat seats or in PWC storage compartments. The corrosion-resistant aluminum shaft, high-impact molded blade and boat hook handle, and hassle-free locking device ensure years of service. The bright orange blade is great for signaling in emergencies. PART # MFG # U/M DESCRIPTION 966506 22.99 P-1 EA TELESCOPING PADDLE, 20”- 42” 966507 25.99 P-2 EA TELESCOPING PADDLE w/ Nylon Bag P-1 P-2