Marine Catalog

TOWABLES & FLOATS accessories towables & floats body controls electrical driveline engine fuel & intake chemicals tie downs tools MARINE dock accessories tools flotation devices towing & loading 60 | 207-942-6769 75’ 1 SECTION SKI ROPE A high quality 1 section ski rope for skiing, wakeboarding and kneeboarding. The 12" aluminum core handle has a performance "Tractor" grip and molded finger protectors. You'll love the blue and white candy stripe color scheme of the UV-treated 16-strand rope. A Rope Keeper is included for tangle-free storage. 8 SECTION RADIUS HANDLE SKI ROPE Ski longer, harder and stronger with less muscle fatigue. The 17 degree, 13 inch radius aluminum core handle with TPR Diamond Grip is the ultimate in quality. There are 8 colorcoded sections and take-up loops for skiing in slalom courses or for finding just the right spot to ski on your boat's wake. Full length finger guards help create a comfortable split finger grip. You'll love the candy stripe color scheme of this UV-treated, 3/8 inch, 16-strand, 1,600 lb. tensile strength rope. A Rope Keeper is included for tangle-free storage. WATERSPORTS ROPE This eye catching watersports rope is a great choice for a wide range of activities, including skiing, wakeboarding, wakeskating and kneeboarding. The 12 inch aluminum core handle is wrapped with textured high density EVA for a great grip. The 75 foot long 16-strand rope and handle float and are brightly colored for your easy retrieval. A Rope Keeper is included for convenient storage. DOUBLE HANDLE SKI ROPE Double handle ski ropes have been popular for learning how to slalom for decades. Some experienced skiers also enjoy a double handle pull. This is the highest quality double handle ski rope ever made. The TPR tractor grip and 4" finger guards provide a comfortable and precise hold. You can't miss the rope during deep water starts with this bright yellow and red color scheme. 75 feet long, 1 section. ROPES PART # MFG # U/M DESCRIPTION 966242 33.99 AHSR-75 EA AIRHEAD SKI ROPE, 1 section PART # MFG # U/M DESCRIPTION 966243 46.99 AHSR-8 EA AIRHEAD SKI ROPE, 8-section PART # MFG # U/M DESCRIPTION 966241 43.99 AHSR-6 EA AIRHEAD DOUBLE HANDLE SKI ROPE PART # MFG # U/M DESCRIPTION 966244 38.99 AHSR-9 EA AIRHEAD WATERSPORTS ROPE, EVA Handle PART # MFG # U/M DESCRIPTION 968537 55.99 AHWS-R02 EA AIRHEAD WAKESURF ROPE - RED 968538 55.99 AHWS-R03 EA AIRHEAD WAKESURF ROPE - BLUE This 25 ft. PolyE 5 piece sectional wakesurf rope has a 12 ft. mainline with four grasp knots and a 10 in. EVA handle. With the additional 4 removable sections (3 ft., 3 ft., 3 ft., 4 ft.), you are sure to find the right spot on the water to ride in style. Break strength:1200 lbs. WAKESURF ROPE SPIRAL BRAID 25 FT.