Marine Catalog

ACCESSORIES flotation devices engine tools tools MARINE towables & floats body controls electrical driveline fuel & intake chemicals ie downs dock accessories accessories towing & loading MARINE CATALOG 77 FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING Tube Keeper saves essential passenger space and prevents serious injuries by securing towables to your boat’s stern. Simply attach the straps around the tube’s handles. Then attach with either the giant 3-1/4 in. suction cups or loop the stretch cords around a cleat or rail. The 2” wide adjustable straps are easy to tighten for a secure hold. PART # MFG # U/M DESCRIPTION 966536 TB-101 EA AIRHEAD TUBE KEEPER 22.99 TUBE KEEPERTM BOAT KILL SWITCH KEYS WITH LANYARD Be Prepared, Always Carry a Spare! If you lose or break your kill switch key, for whatever reason, you won't be able to start your engine. Most marinas don't stock replacement keys, so your much-deserved day out on the boat will be ruined. This lanyard has 7 keys to fit all BRP, Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Yamaha, Honda, Tohatsu, Nissan and Suzuki kill switches. It's equipped with a swivel snap hook to prevent tangles, and rustfree stainless steel crimps. Don't leave the dock without it! PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION U/M 966423 BKS-6 Boat Kill Switch Keys with Lanyard EA 17.99 ULTIMATE LANYARD The Ultimate PWC lanyard has it all! 4 keys to fit ALL brands: Sea Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Polaris, Tiger Shark and Wet Jet. A stainless steel key ring is also included for hooking up to Sea Doo D.E.S.S. devices or a car key. We call it "Ultimate Lanyard" because it has a comfortable floating detachable wrist band, floating vest lanyard and high pitch pea-less whistle for emergencies. A swivel snap hook keeps the cord from tangling. No accessories to buy for this lanyard! WHISTLE WITH LANYARD An audible signal device is required on boats and personal watercraft in most states. A high pitch pealess whistle is a good choice. Clip it onto your life jacket or safety lanyard. Doubles as a floating key chain! PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION U/M 966542 UL-1 Ultimate Lanyard, Purple / Yellow, for PWCs EA 22.99 966543 UL-2 Ultimate Lanyard, Red / Black, for PWCs EA 25.99 966544 UL-3 Ultimate Lanyard, Blue / Silver, for PWCs EA 23.99 PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION U/M 966545 W-1 Whistle with Lanyard, Purple / Yellow EA 7.99 966546 W-2 Whistle with Lanyard, Red / Black EA 7.99