Offroad 2020

1170 CHEMICALS body accessories handlebar & grips cables & levers electrical & ignition engine fuel & intake clutch brakes drive steering & suspension bearings tires chemicals exhaust tools & shop DESCRIPTION SIZE PART # MFG # ACF-50 - Liquid 4 ltr / 1.06 Gal 650425 15004 119.95 ACF-50 - Aerosol 13 oz 650426 15013 15.75 ACF-50 - Liquid Spray Pump 32 oz 650427 15032 36.95 ACF-50 - Liquid 20 ltr / 5.28 Gal 650428 15020 500.95 Hand Held Spray System includes 1 bullet tip / 3 wands 650429 50017 542.95 ACF-50 ANTI CORROSION FORMULA • Forms an “Active” ultra thin, clear film that kills existing corrosion cells, and will protect your quad or bike against new corrosion forming and last for • 12 months • “ACTIVE’” which means that it ‘creeps’ and ‘keeps on working’ DOESN’T NEED REAPPLYING AFTER EVERY WASH! • Contains no water, silicon, teflon or wax - no sticky build up, no risk of existing corrosion being sealed in and no risk of water remaining where it will cause corrosion and damage, even on electronics • Chemically neutralizes road salt • A clean, clear ultra thin fluid • Dries out moisture • Safe on all components; electronics, chrome, paint and plastic • Use on heads, cooling fans, throttle linkages, brake cables, battery terminals, voltage regulator, suspension, engine components, torsion bars, fuel control units, fuse box, swingarm, relays / connectors, undercarriage, chain, ignition switch, security systems / FOBs and more! • ACF-50 can be sprayed on, wiped on with a rag, or professionally fogged for complete protection ULTIMATE CORROSION PROTECTION Kills Corrosion on Contact! Protects metal and electronics during play and storage • Chemically neutralizes salt water • A clean, clear ultra-thin fluid which leaves a non greasy atmospheric barrier to protect all metal surfaces • Leaves no gummy residue because it does not contain wax, resin, tar, asphalt, silicone or Teflon • Can be sprayed, brushed or wiped on • Hydrophobic film provides corrosion protection all season • Protects metal components down to -70° • Keeps ice and mud from sticking • Combined with its excellent penetrating and strong dielectric properties (40Kv), have brought electronics “back from the dead” • Removes moisture from the corrosion by-product and isolates it from contacting the metal surface, restoring continuity to electrical circuits • Can be used in many different electrical and electronic applications without fear of damaging the conformal coatings used • Does not harm plastics or painted surfaces • Improves reliability, reduces repair and labor cost. DESCRIPTION SIZE PART # MFG # Corrosion Block - Liquid 4 ltr / 1.06 Gal 650417 20004 114.95 Corrosion Block - Aerosol 12 oz 650418 20012 14.95 Corrosion Block - Liquid 32 oz 650419 20032 35.95 Corrosion Block - Liquid 20 liter / 5.28 Gal 650420 20020 438.95 Corrosion Block Grease 2 oz Tube 650421 25002 5.95 Corrosion Block Grease 3 oz Cartridge 650422 25003 10.95 Corrosion Block Grease 14 oz Cartridge 650423 25014 10.95 Corrosion Block Grease 16 oz Tub 650424 25016 11.95 CORROSION BLOCK AEROSOL Out performs lithium and most synthetic greases and meets or exceeds requirements for NGLI Service Classifications GC-LB (automotive wheel bearing and chassis lubricants) conforming to ATMD4950 performance requirements • Excellent extreme pressure properties • Excellent thermal / oxidative stability • Resists bleeding / melting at high temperatures • Suitable for sealed for life applications • Dielectric / non-conductive • Workplace safe and environmentally friendly • Out performs competitive grease 5:1 • Waterproof. CORROSION BLOCK WATERPROOF GREASE High Performance WAT E R P R O O F GREASE Prevention is better than replacement! Corrosion Block is a unique product that has the ability to both prevent and stop cor- rosion in more places on Powersports Equipment than any other product of its type. Corrosion Block is superior anti-corrosion compound. It kills corrosion in progress, pre- vents new corrosion cells from forming for 12-18 months, is an excellent penetrant and is an excellent light lubricant. Protects • Penetrates • Lubricates!