Offroad 2020

TOOLS & SHOP accessories body handlebar & grips cables & levers engine fuel & intake electrical & ignition clutch drive bearings brakes steering & suspension tires exhaust chemicals tools & shop 1289 2020 OFFROAD CATALOG • Soft and pliable Super Seal ear cushions • Low headband force and light- weight, 6.8 oz. • Easy adjustments with flexible slide clips • Noise Reduction Rating down to 25 dB NRR - 28 dB SNR VALUEMUFF COMFORT AND PROTECTION • Super Seal ear cushions for long term comfort • A soft cushioned headband • Self-aligning suspension, and easy adjustment • 28 dB NRR, 30 dB SNR MAXIMUFF HIGH PERFORMANCE, ECONOMY EAR MUFF PROGUARD YELLOW SAFETY CAPS EV35 15.95 EV25 10.30 • Elvex ProGuard safety caps offer the following features and benefits: • The lightweight shell is made from tough Polyethylene • ProGuard is available with pin-lock and two different ratchet suspensions • The standard suspensions are made from flexible Polypropylene and have wide contact areas towards the head.This helps provide long term comfort and durability. A soft brow pad is standard. EV304 7.50 260118 12.95 • This kit combines the first aid essentials needed in the event of a minor injury in your work area • Compact zipper case with handy carabiner clip • 5 pieces fabric bandages - 3 in. x 1 in. (7.5 cm x 2.5 cm) • 4 pieces fabric knuckle bandages • 4 pieces fabric fingertip bandages • 0.5 oz (15 ml) saline solution • 1 piece non-woven triangular bandage • 2 pieces small dressing • 1 piece finger dressing • 6 pieces safety pins • 2 pieces alcohol wipes • Display packaged • Sold each HANDYMAN FIRST AID KIT PERFORMANCE TECH WEAR MECHANIC GLOVES • Protects hands from cuts, scrapes and burns • Comfortable and durable • Thick enough to protect and thin enough to handle small objects • Soft, flexible fabric is breathable and easy to clean Small W88998 20.95 Medium W88999 20.95 Large W89000 20.95 X-Large W89001 20.95 NITRILE GLOVES XL 142517 12.99 • 100% synthetic nitrile polymer • Superior puncture, tear and chemical resistance with excellent dexterity • Latex free and powder free, eliminates potential allergic reactions to natural rubber latex protein • Textured surface provides strong grip for both wet and dry applications • Protects hands from oil and grease • Universal fit for right or left hand