Offroad 2020

HANDLEBAR & GRIPS accessories body handlebar & grips cables & levers engine fuel & intake electrical & ignition clutch drive bearings brakes steering & suspension tires exhaust chemicals tools & shop 141 2020 OFFROAD CATALOG TRAIL STAR TM SERIES HANDGUARD SYSTEM BLACK PM14100 25.00 RED PM14102 25.00 GREEN PM14103 25.00 WHITE PM14104 25.00 YELLOW PM14105 25.00 SOLD PER PAIR. MOUNTS SOLD SEPARATELY The new Trail Star TM Handguard is now available! They give you the same great protection as the Original Star Series Handguard without the removable vent cover. They work with the Star Series aluminum ATV/ MX or snowmobile universal mount kits; as well as the optional mirrors, hand wraps, and gauntlets. Note: will not work with extensions. POWERX TM SERIES HANDGUARDS REPLACEMENT HANDGUARDS (NO MOUNTS) KTM ORANGE 224063 20.00 BLACK PM14280 20.00 GREEN PM14283 20.00 WHITE PM14284 20.00 YELLOW PM14285 20.00 Souniqueand innovativePowerMaddhad to file for apatent.ThePowerX is theonly flexiblehandguard designed to bend and flex upon impact and spring back into place! If you do break it, they will replace it!Yes, you read it correctly, if during the first year of use you break any part of the PowerX handguard, simply send the broken part back to PowerMadd and they will replace it, no questions asked. Features and Benefits: • The PowerX offers super light hand protection that installs in just minutes • Work great on all large and small MX bikes, large and mini ATVs and snowmobiles. • Purchase guards and mount kits separately REPLACEMENT UNIVERSAL FLEXMOUNT PM14256 25.00 HANDGUARD MOUNTS UNIVERSAL SNOWMOBILE MOUNT PD14250 45.00 pr UNIVERSAL ATV / DIRT BIKE / MOTORCYCLE MOUNT PD14252 45.00 pr UNIVERSAL ATV / SNOWMOBILE MOUNT PM14269 40.00 pr Mounts below bend on the rise when space is limited near controls. TRI-MOUNT NOT AVAILABLE IN ORANGE OR BLUE STAR SERIES PM14258 55.00 (Sold in pairs.) Keep your hands warm and dry no matter what the conditions. Designed to work with our Star Series handguards, these gauntlets keep out the cold, wind, rain, and mud and are great for snowmobiles, ATVs, and motorcycles. The unique “stay-open” design makes it easy to grab your bars and see your controls. The gauntlet extends your riding season and allows you to ride with thinner gloves, giving you a better feel. SENTINEL / STAR /TRAIL STAR GAUNTLET X2 The Gauntlet X2 attaches easily to any handguard giving you added warmth and protection from roost, water, snow and mud.The Gauntlet X2 uses your existing handguards for support.The updated X2 features a new look, upgraded attachment mechanism and an improved stay-open design.The stay open design allows the rider to easily see the controls, return a gloved hand to the grips, ride with thinner gloves and gives you better feel and control. Engineered and constructed with a rigid yet flexible bone material for a positive stay open design.The outside material is both wind proof and water repellent. The Gauntlet X2 fastens quickly to your handgaurd with quick loop velro straps in under five minutes and can be adjusted to your personal preference. NOTE: Works with the Sentinel, Star Series, Trail Star and most other handguards. HANDGUARD GAUNTLET GAUNTLET X2 224069 70.00