Offroad 2020

FORGED MX PISTONS AND GASKETS Pages 234-263 Namura Forged pistons underwent rigorous testing with dyno and engine rebuilders to ensure they met the demands of today’s high-performance engines. Needless to say we are very happy with the results of our efforts and are more than confident that the Namura Forged line will be a new benchmark piston series for the high end MX 4-stroke race applications. When rebuilding your engine, do not forget to rebuild the water pump as well. The water pump of your engine is a very important component to cool your engine to perform the best in all circumstances. ProX Water Pump Rebuild Kits are made of high quality materials and available for a wide range of Dirt Bike and ATV applications. The rebuild kits include all necessary gaskets, O-rings , bearings and seals required to rebuild your water pump. PRO XWATER PUMP REBUILD KITS Page 346 While changing the front sprocket it’s always recommended to inspect the countershaft oil seal that’s right behind the sprocket. Positioned on the high loaded countershaft and always in contact with dirt and water the oil seal can easily start leaking. ProX has developed a wide range of countershaft seal kits.These kits are an easy and complete replacement offering all the needed components and at the same time it is an upgrade kit resulting in improved durability against the PRO X COUNTERSHAFT SEAL KITS Page 504 ProX Mechanical Seal are ideal to replace your water pump seal. The ProX Mechanical seals are made of high quality materials and available for a wide range of MX and ATV applications. PRO X WATER PUMP MECHANICAL SEALS Page 554 PROX REAR SHOCK HEAD KITS The rear shock seal heads are manufactured from a 6061-T6 Alloy body and contain an internal guide bushing, oil seal, dust seal, O-ring and snap ring.The redesigned seals offer superior sealing and is a major upgrade over the OEM seals. Page 1044 NEOPRENE FORK PROTECTORS The ProX Racing Parts neoprene fork seal protector is a great and simple product to prevent blown fork seals from dirt getting stuck in the seal lips. Simply sliding down the neoprene sleeve to your fork leg, covering the seals and you’re good to go. The sleeve will be kept in place with zip ties provided. Page 1081 ProX front fork bushing kits come as complete replacement kits including guide & slide bushings, copper wash- ers and fork seal snap rings. The teflon bushings ensure an increased durability which has been proven from dynamic testing. The complete sets ensure easy install for a full range of available MX models. PROX FORK BUSHING KITS Pages 1082-1083 NEW ITEMS 2020