Offroad 2020

BEARINGS body accessories handlebar & grips cables & levers electrical & ignition engine fuel & intake clutch brakes drive steering & suspension bearings tires exhaust chemicals tools & shop 898 SEALS SIZE CHART continued R = ribs on outside of oil seal T = tips on oil seal F = flange on oil seal SIZE DESCRIPTION PART # 42x68x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 42-68-8 AB306801 6.58 42x70x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 42-70-8 AB307001 4.71 42x75x10 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 42-75-10 AB307501 6.58 43.5x62x6.5 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 43.5-62-6.5 AB306216 4.71 43x58x10 DOUBLE LIP SEAL W/LIP 43-58-10 AB305813 4.18 43x58x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 43-58-8 AB305806 6.58 43x62x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 43-62-8 AB306209 4.71 44x58x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 44-58-8 AB305808 6.58 44x62x10 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 44-62-10 AB306211 4.71 44x65x15.3 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 44-65-15 AB306504 10.85 45x68x15 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 45-68-15 AB306802 6.58 45x75x10.5 BRAKE DRUM SEAL 45-76-10.5 AB307601 11.69 46.5x73x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 46.5-73-8 AB307301 8.15 46x58x7 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 46-58-7 AB305809 6.58 46x68x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 46-68-8 AB306803 6.58 46x70x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 46-70-8 AB307002 4.71 47x70x8.5 DOUBLE LIP SEAL W/LIP 47-70-8.5 AB307003 7.48 SIZE DESCRIPTION PART # 48x62x7 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 48-62-7 AB306213 6.58 48x68x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 48-68-8 AB306804 4.71 48x88x7.5 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 48-88-7.5 AB308801 6.05 49x62x6 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 49-62-6 AB306218 6.58 49x68x7 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 49-68-7 AB306808 4.74 50.5x62x9 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 50.5-62-9 AB306214 6.58 50x68x7 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 50-68-7 AB306805 4.71 50x70x10 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 50-70-10 AB307010 6.64 50x80x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 50-80-8 AB308002 7.11 52x62x7 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 52-62-7 AB306215 4.71 52x63x6 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 52-63-6 AB306301 3.86 55x70x6 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 55-70-6 AB307004 4.85 60x80x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 60-80-8 AB308001 6.58 65x85x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 65-85-8 AB308501 6.58 DC = double lip, double sprung, rubber TC = double lip, single spring, rubber TB = double lip, single spring, steel AXLE, CRANK, DRIVE AND WHEEL BEARING SPECIFICATION CHART FOR PROPER FIT REFER TO OUR APPLICATION GUIDE BEARINGS SIZE CHART SIZE DESCRIPTION PART # 1.06X1.98X.56 TAPER BRG POLARIS L44649/10 AB201011 9.41 1.377X2.36X.625 TAPER BRG POLARIS L68149/11 AB201010 12.57 10X26X8 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 60002RS 3.72 10X30X9 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62002RS 3.39 10X35X11 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 63002RS 6.35 12X28X8 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 60012RS 4.08 12X32X10 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62012RS 3.86 12X37X12 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 63012RS 4.94 13X25.5X13 NEEDLE BEARING AB231008 6.28 14X24.5X15 NEEDLE BEARING AB231010 8.36 15X21X10 NEEDLE BRG, FULL COMPLIMENT AB231004 8.42 15X32X9 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 60022RS 4.56 15X42X13 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 63022RS 5.40 16X23X16 NEEDLE BEARING 16X23X16 AB231016 13.68 16X24X12 NEEDLE BEARING AB231005 11.99 16X35X11 99502H 99502H 4.97 17X30X7 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 69032RS 7.40 17X35X10 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 60032RS 4.40 17X40X12 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62032RS 3.25 17X47X14 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 63032RS 6.08 19X47X21 FLAT RA012NPP 16.96 19X47X21 DOME RA012NPPB 9.65 1X1.98X.56 TPR BRG POLARIS L44643/10-KCP AB201012 10.00 1X52X15 BALL BRG, DBL RBR SLD 1 BORE AM6205 16.95 20X28X16 NEEDLE BEARING, (23-1015) AB231009 16.58 20X32X16 NEEDLE BEARING AB231012 47.37 20X32X7 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 68042RS 7.40 20X34X18 NEEDLE BEARING AB231014 20.53 20X37X9 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 69042RS 9.29 20X42X12 6004-2RS 60042RS 5.12 20X42X15 TAPER BEARING, METRIC AB32004XJ 12.45 20X47X14 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62042RS 3.39 20X47X20.6 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 52042RS 23.09 20X52X15 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 63042RS 7.20 20X52X15 ENGINE BEARING, OPEN AB6304C3 16.95 22X30X16 NEEDLE BEARING W/ RACE AB231003 17.02 22X30X18 NEEDLE BEARING W/ RACE AB231002 12.34 22X50X14 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62222RS 12.81 22X52X21 FLAT RA014NPP 15.95 22X52X21 DOME RA014NPPB 12.86 22X56X16 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 63222RS 13.83 22X62X15 BALL BEARING SCO4A99NR AB201022 24.56 25.4X52X21 DOME FHS20516 11.40 25.4X52X21 FLAT RA100NPP 20.18 25.4X52X21 DOME RA100NPPB 9.95 25.4X52X34.8 DOME HC20516 12.95 25X42X9 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 69052RS 9.21 25X47X12 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 60052RS 6.02 25X52X15 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62052RS 3.88 SIZE DESCRIPTION PART # 25X52X15 ENGINE BEARING, OPEN C3 AB6205C3 12.95 25X52X15 6205-2RS AM6205 16.95 25X52X16 NJ205 C3 PIN SHAPED ROLLERS KX092591 15.99 25X52X19.5 TAPER BEARING, METRIC AB32205 14.56 25X52X20.6 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 32052RS 46.25 25X62X16 6305 SPECIAL AB202032 32.02 25X62X17 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 63052RS 8.72 25X62X17 ENGINE BEARING, OPEN AB6305C3 15.95 25X62X17 83464C KX092512 22.25 25X62X17 6305 NR C3 SNAP RING KX092584 15.64 25X65X16 83519 KX09241 26.95 28X52X12 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 60282RS 12.66 28X58X16 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62282RS 14.80 28X68X18 ENGINE BEARING, OPEN, C3 AB6328C3 16.95 29X52X12 BALL BEARING KCP 60/28 AB201023 13.27 30X50X20 BALL BEARING DE0678CS12 AB201002 32.37 30X52X12 BALL BEARING 30-52-12 AB201024 11.56 30X54X24 BALL BEARING DE0681CS18 AB201004 32.37 30X55X13 6006-2RS 60062RS 7.20 30X55X25/30 BEARING, ARCTIC CAT AB202035 25.59 30X62X16 6206JXNW3 (W/LOCATING HOLE & GROOVE) 317-201 24.95 30X62X16 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62062RS 9.21 30X62X16 6206 NR C3 SNAP RING KX092582 12.95 30X62X20.5 TAPER BEARING, METRIC AB32206J 18.13 30X65X16 H1C83519C KX09241 26.95 32X58X13 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 60322RS 13.83 32X65X17 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62322RS 14.80 35X58X15 BALL BRG, DBL RBR DG355815 AB201025 22.52 35X62X14 6007-2RS 60072RS 8.45 35X72X17 BALL BEARING, OPEN AB6207 13.77 35X72X17 6207R9 KX09253 26.95 35X72X17 6207 NR C3 SNAP RING KX092586 28.95 40X62X12 6908-2RS 69082RS 14.74 40X68X15 6008-2RS 60082RS 9.95 40X68X9 BALL BEARING 40-68-9 AB16008 15.49 40X70X15 BALL BEARING DG4070 AB201019 16.91 40X74X40 BALL BRG, DBL RBR DE08A27 AB201009 36.99 40X80X18 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62082RS 13.10 43X68X13 ATV DIF BRG 43-68-13 AB201018 15.94 45X68X12 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 69092RS 17.31 45X75X16 6009-2RS 60092RS 16.02 50X62X15 NEEDLE BEARING AB231006 19.97 50X80X16 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 60102RS 16.91 50X80X21 BALL BEARING DG5080 AB201016 27.02 55X67X20 NEEDLE BEARING AB231001 18.07 65X100X11 BALL BEARING 65-100-11 AB16013 18.24 70X110X13 BALL BEARING 70-110-13 AB16014 43.13 NORMALLY, IFYOU CHECK THE BEARINGYOU ARE REPLACING,THE CORRECT NUMBERWILL BE STAMPED ON THE BEARING WHICHWILL CORRESPONDWITH ONE OF THE ABOVE BEARINGS.