Offroad 2020

BRAKES body accessories handlebar & grips cables & levers electrical & ignition engine fuel & intake clutch brakes drive steering & suspension bearings tires exhaust chemicals tools & shop 900 • An excellent, economical choice for replacing OEM sintered metal brake pads • Pad consists of 50-60 percent copper combined with carbon, ceramic, tin and abrasives • Iron backing plate is plated with copper to make it a stronger bond with the pad friction material • Powerful stopping power in wet or dry conditions • Excellent initial pad bite, lower lever effort and minimal pad bed-in time required • Can be used with stainless steel rotors • Pad material is aramid fiber, metals, abrasives and lubricants mixed with Phenol Resin • Metal powder components exceed 50 percent of pad material • Excellent pad life • Can be used with stainless steel rotors • Give superior stopping power with no fade • Excellent initial brake pad bite • Good feel at the lever • No bedding-in is required • Hard brake pad backing plate will not warp, even under extreme use • Superior stopping power with no fade • Excellent initial brake pad bite that is not as aggressive as the RJL compound • Slightly more progressive feel at the lever SINTERED METAL PADS • Many fibers, natural and man-made have been researched and combinations of several fibers like Aramid fiber, Ceramic fiber, Carbon fiber and Metal (copper and brass powder) fiber etc. • Soft –mild braking control, Controllable pad on first braking with safety • Good initial bite • HH stopping power pad (Ameca test result) • Low disc attack • Long life pad CERAMIC SEMI-METALLIC PADS BRAKE SHOES • High friction • 100% non-asbestos material for quicker stops NOTE: All brake pads and shoes are sold in a set for one disc or drum. Order one set for each disc or drum on your machine.