Outerwear 2019

208 helmets eyewear jackets headgear t-shirts & sweatshirts bibs & pants gloves boots protection PROTECTION impact wrap Maximum protection with minimum restriction. A combination of molded bio-foam, plastic and our classic Flak Wrap design make this kidney belt as protective as it is unrestrictive. Features: • Anatomically cut • Bio-foam & plastic molded parts • Easy pull & release tabs COLOR SM (26”-30”) MED (30”-34”) LG (34”-38”) XL (38”-42”) BLACK ---- ----- 940633 34.99 940638 34.99 GRAY 940625 34.99 940630 34.99 940635 34.99 940640 34.99 RED 940627 34.99 ----- 940637 34.99 940642 34.99 BLUE 940624 34.99 940629 34.99 940634 34.99 940639 34.99 ORANGE 940626 34.99 940631 34.99 940636 34.99 ----- ELBOW PADS xt elbow/ forearm guard The all new XT elbow/forearm guard takes elbow/forearm protection to a higher level. You no longer have to accept cut up and bruised forearms after riding through tight single track and desert terrain. Features: • Anatomically molded plastic shell • Low profile molded elbow cap • Vented adjustable neoprene strap system • Form fitting and lightweight with plenty of protection • Ergonomic and anatomical elbow cap provides comfort and mobility • 1” lower wrist closure strap for a secure fit • Reinforced HDPE for maximum forearm protection • Upper loop with laces helps to eliminate elbow sliding COLOR YOUTH (8”-10”) LG -XL (12”+) BLACK 940679 54.99 940678 59.99 • Full size range • Top quality knit elastics • Double pull design elbow jak The Elbow Jak is designed to cover your forearm, elbow and biceps. Molded plastic and dual density polyester covered molded foam produce the anatomic shell. Vented adjustable neoprene strap system sets the tension on guards to keep them in place without them being too tight, thus not adding to your arm pump. For those of your who use the bicep guards on your chest protectors, we made the biceps removable on the Elbow Jaks so they won’t be in the way. COLOR YOUTH ADULT BLACK 940673 29.99 940674 34.99 Vented forearm strap Removable bicep pad Vented forearm strap elbow shields The elbow shield is for the rider that is looking for lightweight non-restrictive protection, an adjustable criss-cross elastic strap system holds the vented foam molded shields in place. Features: • Lightweight • Adjustable • Foam-molded COLOR ADULT BLACK 940680 19.99