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eyewear jackets headgear t-shirts & sweatshirts bibs & pants gloves boots protection GLOVES helmet accessories 152 www.autodist.com | 207-942-6769 • Heat Treat Hand Warmers are a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, odorless heat source using all natural ingredients that are non-combustible • Avg. temp. 135˚F (57˚C), max. temp. 156˚F (69˚C) when used as directed • Each package contains 2 Warmers • 7+ hours of instant heat • Receive a display case when you order 40! FEATURES: • Pre-loaded clip strips provide convenient cross- merchandising opportunities • Create additional sales by hanging near: cash register, gloves and hats, socks and boots, automotive, and seasonal displays HAND WARMERS MEGA WARMERS CLIP STRIP PW28 1.29 ea 24 Hand Warmers GW28CS 30.96 pkg • Clean, Odorless & Dry • Non-toxic heat source • 12+ hours of extra long lasting, instant heat • One per package • Receive a display case when you order 30! GW28 1.29 pr Warmers The GreenHeat™Hand Warmer/Charger 2 in 1 is an eco-friendly, rechargeable electronic solution to cold hands. Complete with convenient temperature selection and ability to charge your cell phone, there is no more need for disposable hand warmers littering the mountainside! • Temperature ON/OFF switch • Two temperature settings: Low (107° F) & High (118° F) • Charging time : 2.5 - 3.5 hours • High capacity battery holds a charge for 4-5 hours of use • Can be recharged more than 500 times • Multifunctional design also works as portable mobile phone charger. • Will give approximately one full charge to most smart phones. • Thermal Conductive Aluminum Shell • Cable & carrying case included GREENHEAT TM 4400 mAh HAND WARMER/CHARGER 2&1 COLOR PART # SILVER 578015 39.95