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eyewear jackets headgear t-shirts & sweatshirts bibs & pants gloves boots protection HELMET ACCESSORIES helmet accessories 16 www.autodist.com | 207-942-6769 S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner is a waterless spray-on, wipe off cleaner that cleans up helmets, visors, instruments and windshields in seconds. Bugs, rain spots and road film disappear instantly leaving nothing but a nice clear surface! Here’s what some users said: “…used on my helmet visor…it appears so clear it seemed like I didn’t have my visor down”. “I was amazed how it gave back life to the cover on the speed and tach gauges.” Safe for use on polycarbonate and acrylics such as Lexan®, Lucite®, Plexiglas®, fiberglass, etc. Perfect to take along in the saddlebag. S100 SPECIAL SURFACES CLEANER DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # 300 ml 12 650301 10.50 HELMET LINER REFRESHNER ® Cleaner and deodorizer for helmet liners. Helmet Liner Refreshner cleans, freshens and deodorizes all foam helmet liners. Just spray and wipe dry. Sold each. DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # Helmet Liner Refreshner, 14 oz Aerosol 6 962004 8.95 PJ1 FOG BLOCKER Prevents lens fogging. Recommended for helmet shields, goggles, glasses and mirrors. Sold per bottle. DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # 4 Fluid oz 12 909059 10.29 Snowmobile Goggles Anti Fog Cleaner. • Glass, goggle cleaner • Anti-fog lens cleaner • Snowmobile helmet cleaning • Snowmobile windshield cleaning • Non toxic, biodegradable, non aerosol, ozone safe DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # 4 oz 12 700106 5.95 32 oz 12 700110 8.95 SLEDBRITE KRYSTAL VIEW PART # DESCRIPTION QTY NF91160 Anti Fog Cleaner 1/2 oz. ea 2.79 NF91167 Anti Fog Cleaner 2 oz. ea 4.79 NF91173 No Fog Cloth ea 1.49 NF91169 Anti-Fog Cleaner 2 oz. carded 4.99 NF91110 Pre-packaged Display Unit pkg. 154.00 KLEER-VU ANTI FOG CLEANER PRE-PACKAGED DISPLAY UNIT Contains: 9 Each NF91160 1/2 oz. 12 Each NF91167 2 oz. 48 Each NF91173 cloth Kleer-Vu cleans, prevents fogging and reduces dust build up on all types of lenses. It can be used safely on plastic or glass lenses,coated or otherwise. Easy to use, just spray directly onto the surface or onto a cloth then wipe lens clean with a soft cloth. It becomes more effective with repeated use. Kleer-Vu is long lasting whether applied directly and then wiped,or sprayed onto a cloth before wiping. QUICK STRAPS HELMET CARE PRODUCTS