Outerwear Catalog

eyewear jackets headgear t-shirts & sweatshirts bibs & pants gloves boots protection JACKETS helmet accessories 92 www.autodist.com | 207-942-6769 WATERPROOF,WINDPROOF AND BREATHABLE M E M B R A N E C OAT I N G S WARMTH I N S U L AT I ON ADDITIONAL DURABILITY F A B R I C HOLLOFIL II ® is soft and resilient. Conforms easily to body shape, greatly reducing heat loss. The insulation of 4 hole fibers traps more air for greater warmth. HITENA ® Hi-Technology innovation for protective sports apparel and high grade material. Highly resistant to abrasion. Available with breathable coating for comfort and dry in extreme weather condi - tions. Humax ® is a polyurethane microporous membrane (1.4 billion pores per cm2) which prevent the large drops of rain from entering, but allow the small water vapor molecules to escape. Humax ® is waterproof, windproof and breathable. Bemberg TM is the brand name for Cupro, the regenerated cellulose fiber derived from cotton. Smooth texture surface with moisture control feature keeps clothes cool and dry, ensuring fresh comfort. THERMOLITE ® built-in warmth without weight. Lightweight polyester fabric made with hollow-core which combines insulation with moisture wicking properties. It is designed by DuPont Company. TECHNICAL FEATURES Teflon TM is Water Repellent treatment made by Dupont. Repels water and water based stains. We use this material on our fabric surfaces. Dries quicker while dirt and spots can easily be washed away.