Street Catalog

ACCESSORIES luggage body accessories handlebars & grips mirrors cables & levers electrical lighting engine fuel & intake air & oil filters clutch brakes drive steering & suspension bearings chemicals tools & shop trailer exhaust 111 STREET CATALOG tires TX1012 27.99 12' L x 10mm HIGH SECURITY SHIELDED PADLOCKS • Ideal for locking enclosed trailers • Stainless steel, 70mm padlock, 10mm hardened shackle, and exclusive armor plated key core for added security "The World's Toughest Locks TM ” HIGH SECURITY 14MM SHACKLE LOCKS • High security for your bicycle or ATV • Mounting bracket included • Made of high strength hardened steel • Heavy duty anti-pick lock head • Includes 3 keys, one equipped with a mini flashlight • Key hole cover keeps out dirt and grime • 2 choices • Retail packaged TX6010 30.99 4-1/8" x 8" w/14mm shackle TX6020 29.99 4-1/8" x 11" w/14mm shackle REPLACEMENT CABLES FOR MULTI-USE CABLE LOCK, SEE ABOVE TX1030 32.99 30' L x 10mm TX1700 15.99 • Replacement cable for above multi-use cable lock • 12’ or 30’ long x 10mm 3 PACK KEYED ALIKE HIGH SECURITY SHIELDED PADLOCKS • 3 pack keyed alike set of TX1700 round disc pad lock 70mm 348008 43.99 MAXIMUM SECURITY PADLOCKS IDEAL FOR LOCKING ENCLOSED TRAILERS 51mm hardened solid chrome steel padlock, with 2.25” x 10mm shackle,commercial grade and rekeyable TX2750 16.99 TX1705 16.99 51mm hardened solid chrome steel padlock, with 1.25” x 10mm shackle, commercial grade