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HANDLEBARS & GRIPS luggage body accessories handlebars & grips mirrors cables & levers electrical lighting engine fuel & intake air & oil filters clutch brakes drive steering & suspension bearings chemicals tools & shop trailer exhaust 167 STREET CATALOG tires SINGLE-CLAMP LOCK ON CHARGER EVO - Style PART # Blaze Orange 681104 29.99 Olive Green 681105 29.99 Graphite 681106 29.99 Jet Black 681107 29.99 Cool Gray 681108 29.99 Electric Blue 681109 29.99 Fire Red 681110 29.99 DUAL-CLAMP LOCK ON CHARGER style PART # TANGERINE 681124 29.99 BLACK 681125 29.99 SINGLE-CLAMP MACHINE STYLE PART # JET BLACK 681100 29.99 CANDY RED 681101 29.99 OLIVE GREEN 681102 29.99 BLAZE ORANGE 681103 29.99 DUAL-CLAMP LOCK-ON LOGO STYLE PART # GRAPHITE 681122 29.99 BLACK 681123 29.99 DUAL-CLAMP LOCK-ON MOAB PART # BLACK 681126 29.99 Dual patterned textures on the most complex grip we’ve ever created allow riders to absorb shock and feel handlebar support. L O C K - O N G R I P WEIGHT 90 GRAMS LENGTH 136 MM DIAMETER MEDIUM (31 MM) BLAZE ORANGE OLIVE GREEN GRAPHITE JET BLACK COOL GRAY ELECTRIC BLUE FIRE RED L O C K - O N G R I P WEIGHT 105 GRAMS LENGTH 130 MM DIAMETER MEDIUM (31.75 MM) This medium sized grip has cushion enhancing ribs for ultimate comfort. TANGERINE BLACK JET BLACK CANDY RED OLIVE GREEN BLAZE ORANGE The Machine has a waffle pattern on the bottom of the grip to help secure finger placement.The Lock-On design ensures the grip will stay in place for long lasting use. L O C K - O N G R I P WEIGHT 114 GRAMS LENGTH 130 MM DIAMETER MEDIUM (30.5 MM) L O C K - O N G R I P WEIGHT 130 GRAMS LENGTH 120 MM DIAMETER 31.5 MM • Our lock-on grips are manufactured in the USA by ODI. • Their patented design restricts unwanted movement, maximizing the rider¹s control and comfort. • All Lizard Skins lock-on grips are compatible with ODI clamps. L O C K - O N G R I P WEIGHT 105 GRAMS LENGTH 130 MM DIAMETER MEDIUM (31 MM) SINGLE-CLAMP LOCK ON CHARGER EVO - STYLE DUAL-CLAMP LOCK ON CHARGER STYLE SINGLE-CLAMP MACHINE STYLE DUAL-CLAMP LOCK-ON LOGO STYLE DUAL-CLAMP LOCK-ON MOAB