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TIRES luggage body accessories handlebars & grips mirrors cables & levers electrical lighting engine fuel & intake air & oil filters clutch brakes drive steering & suspension bearings chemicals tools & shop trailer exhaust 48 tires Stability and maneuverability • A stiffer frame and a new profile inspired by the Michelin Sport Touring radial line offers greater stability and maneuverability. A Dynamic Tire Tread for Greater Grip in all Types of Weather • A dynamic tire tread depending on road conditions and your lean angle for improved grip on both wet and dry surfaces. A Unique Look • An innovative tread with beveled areas and indentations makes for a truly unique look. PERFORMANCE THAT LASTS MILE AFTER MILE SIZE LOAD SPEED/ INDEX TYPE PART # FRONT 90/90-21 54V BIAS TL/TT 843204 139.95 110/80R19 59V RADIAL TL/TT 843205 187.95 120/70R19 60V RADIAL TL/TT 843206 191.95 REAR 170/60R17 72V RADIAL TL/TT 843207 236.95 150/70R17 69V RADIAL TL/TT 843208 227.95 ANAKEE III SIZE LOAD SPEED/ INDEX TYPE PART # FRONT 90/90-21 54V BIAS TT/TL 843209 194.95 100/90-19 57V BIAS TT/TL 843210 212.95 100/90-19 59V RADIAL TT/TL 843211 223.95 120/70R19 60V RADIAL TT/TL 843212 227.95 REAR 130/80R17 65H RADIAL TT/TL 843213 243.95 140/80R17 69H RADIAL TT/TL 843214 248.95 150/70R17 69V RADIAL TT/TL 843215 279.95 150/70R18 70V RADIAL TT/TL 843216 274.95 170/60R17 72V RADIAL TL/TT 843217 286.95 CONFIDENCE ON ANY ADVENTURE ANAKEE ADVENTURE Tremendous wet grip • New silica tread compounds provide tremendous wet grip for added confi- dence on slippery wet roads A New Level of Stability MICHELIN Bridge Block Technology™ introduced on MICHELIN Anakee Wild tires combined with MICHELIN 2CT+ Technology™ in the rear tire provides a new level of on-road stability Precise Handling and Longevity • The optimized profile combined with all-new tread pattern and MICHELIN 2CT compounds are designed to provide precise handling and long-lasting performance Confident Off-Road Traction • The fully grooved geometric tread pattern is designed to deliver uncompro- mising traction off-road IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Some models may require an additional 1 - 2 days for delivery