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TIRES luggage body accessories handlebars & grips mirrors cables & levers electrical lighting engine fuel & intake air & oil filters clutch brakes drive steering & suspension bearings chemicals tools & shop trailer exhaust 72 tires BALANCE With one installation of Ride-On, lead weights become a thing of the past. While Ride-On works in conjunction with traditional weights, you won’t need them anymore. Ride-On is specially formulated to hydrodynamically balance high-speed tires and dampen road noise and vibrations that cause a rough ride. The great thing is Ride-On will continue to adjust and literally rebalance your tires as you ride for the legal life of the tires. So go ahead, pop off those wheel weights, shine your wheels, and enjoy the smoothest ride you have ever experienced on your bike. SAFETY FIRST With Ride-OnTPS tire sealant, your tire literally fixes itself! If your tire is punctured, the centrifugal force of the rotating tire and the internal air pressure force Ride-On into the hole, sealing it virtually instantly. Since it helps eliminate porosity leaks that cause tires to deflate over time, your tires stay properly inflated, last longer, your bike handles better and gets more miles per gallon. WORKS IN TUBE AND TUBELESS TIRES Ride-On TPS eliminates 85-95% of flats in tubeless tires from objects up to 1/4” (1/8” for tube tires) that penetrate the contact patch of the tire. Since puncturing objects often tear tubes, Ride-On’s efficiency in tube tires is reduced to 55-65%. If the puncturing object remains in the tire, it is vital to remove it as soon as possible to prevent further injury to the tire or tube. Our company takes the position that any repair in a motorcycle tire should be treated as temporary. TPS TIRE BALANCER AND SEALANT The LED Smart Cap Tire Pressure Monitor (TPMS) valve cap is a must for people that want to make sure that their tires are properly inflated. Once installed the LED Smart Cap TPMS valve cap will alert you if the tire pressure drops by a setpoint pressure. The Light Vehicle version of the Smart Cap Tire Pressure Monitor system is available for automobiles, SUVs, light trucks, vans, motorcycles, scooters, trailers, ATVs, etc. with a pressure range of 10 to 70 psi and a low pressure warning trigger of 4 psi (with a +/- 10% accuracy). • Easy to Install - Simply screw valve caps onto tire valve stems. • Bright blinking LED light that is visible in daylight and night time • Self-Calibrating - Automatically calibrates to pressure the tire was set at when the cap was installed. The same valve can be used with tires from 10 psi to 70 psi (Auto and Motorcycle Version with a 4 psi pressure drop alarm) or 30 to 170 psi for commercial version (available in 4 psi or 8 psi pressure drop alarm) • Automatically compensates for ambient temperature changes to avoid false alarms. • Comes with integrated anti-theft device. • Long lasting low pressure alert - blinking red light alerts of low pressure for 750 hours (more than a month). • Low battery alarm - the led valve cap will blink yellow for up to 100 hours to alert you that the batteries are running low. • Long Lasting 3 year battery shelf life. • Great compliment to Ride-On TPS filled tires - 100% compatible and now you can be alerted of a slow leak. • Proper tire inflation pressure helps extend tire life. • Proper tire inflation pressure helps optimize fuel economy and save up to 3% in fuel. • Available in 2 and 4 pack blister Packaging, as well individual and bulk packaging. DESCRIPTION PART # LED SMART CAPS LED Smart Cap Small Display w/Wired Cap 650278 33.95 LED SMART CAPS IMPORTANT NOTICE After installing Ride-On TPS Motorcycle Formula sealant into your tires you may notice a slight vibration until the sealant has warmed up and distributed evenly in your tires. This process usually takes 2 to 5 miles. Please DO NOT attempt to rebalance tires after the installation of Ride-On TPS Motorcycle Formula. Ride-On TPS is a balancing compound. Ride-On TPS will act as a balancer and will result in erroneous readings from a dynamic spin balancer that does not compensate for tire deflection, weight of the bike, brakes, or other suspension components. Ride-On is TPMS friendly, however it is not recommended for use in 2009, 2010, and 2012 Honda Gold Wings as their TPMS Sensors are not hermetically sealed. DESCRIPTION PART # MOTORCYCLE FORMULA 8 oz. (12 per case) 650274 16.99 12 oz. (12 per case) 650556 24.99 5 Gallon Pail 650272 690.95 Pump For 5 Gallon Pail 650273 174.95 ATV/UTV FORMULA 32 oz. (12 per case) 650275 19.95 5 Gallon Pail 650276 289.00