Trailer Catalog

CHEMICALS tires & wheels axles, hubs & springs tongue accessories hitches electrical brake parts trailer hardware locks & pins towing & loading tie downs tools chemicals TRAILER 288 | 207-942-6769 SUPER CLEANER Multi-Application Non-Residue Degreaser Attributes: • High pressure blasts • Powerful solvents melts grease and grime away • Dries quickly • Leaves no residue SPRAY & WASH Aggressive Degreaser and Cleaner Attributes: • Rinses off with water • Save on plastics • Leaves no film or residue • Has pleasant fragrance PROFESSIONAL BRAKE CLEANER Professional Power Brake Cleaner Attributes: • Powerful spray • Cleans and degreases contaminants from brake units • Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue • Improves braking performance PROFESSIONAL CONTACT CLEANER Professional Contact Cleaner Attributes: • Powerful Spray • Removes Carbon and contaminants from plugs, points, and electrical components RENEW AND PROTECT® Non Oily Surface Treatment Attributes: • Unique, super silicone formula provides a penetrating moisturizer • Restores original appearance • Leaves satin not glossy finish • For rubber, vinyl, plastic, wood and treated leather. DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # MFG # 13 oz 6 909041 3-21 11.85 DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # MFG # 13 oz 6 909043 15-20-1 13.90 DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # MFG # 13 oz 6 909046 40-2-1 11.85 DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # MFG # 13 oz 6 909048 40-3-1 11.85 DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # MFG # 8 Fluid oz 12 909049 23-8 15.57 16 Fluid oz 12 909050 23-16 21.09 CONTACT CLEANER Heavy duty citrus scented aerosol cleaner is a blend of special cleaning agents that remove grease, oil and other contaminants. Extra heavy propellant charge provides maximum spray pressure for hard to reach areas. Outstanding for use on all engine and suspension parts, carburetors, brakes, spark plugs and much more. Sold per can. DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # 13 oz Aerosol Can 12 930051 10.99 WATERPROOF GREASE Multi-purpose grease has excellent resistance to water wash-out and it clings to metal surfaces under the most severe conditions. For use on motorcycle, ATV, personal watercraft and snowmobile components. Provides excellent protection against high loads, extreme temperatures, moisture, rust and corrosion. Sold per jar. DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # 16 oz Jar 12 930057 9.99 MPPL PENETRANT LUBE Superior, all-purpose spray-on penetrating lubricant displaces moisture while providing excellent rust and corrosion protection. MPPL forms a protective film on metal and will not harm plastic or painted surfaces. Sold per can. DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # 20 oz Aerosol Can 12 930054 10.99