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BRAKE PARTS tires & wheels axles, hubs & springs tongue accessories hitches electrical brake parts trailer hardware locks & pins towing & loading tie downs tools chemicals TRAILER 144 | 207-942-6769 857001 BREAKAWAY SWITCHES Completely sealed breakaway switches to automatically set trailer brakes in case of accidental trailer breakaway. Required by law in some states. Emergency use only, not to be used to lock brakes when parked or stored. 852010, and 852005 have reinforced nylon case, weldable metal tab, nylon pin assembly and are rust and corrosion free. 852009 has all metal parts and a brass pin assembly. Clamshell packaged. PART # DESCRIPTION 852010 19.76 Breakaway Switch w/48" wires w/Cable & Nylon Pin Assembly 852005 19.76 Breakaway Switch w/48" wires w/Cable & Nylon Pin Assembly (for use with 1-3 axle trailers) 852009 33.16 Breakaway Switch w/48" wires w/Cable & Brass Pin Assembly 852010A 10.91 48" Replacement Cable & Nylon Pin Assembly (for 852010 Switch) 852009A 18.75 48" Replacement Cable & Brass Pin Assembly (for 852009 Switch) 852009 852005 852010 BATTERY CHARGER For all 12v battery systems with a 4 amp-hr minimum output. 851024 will return trailer breakaway system batteries to their maximum potential. PART # DESCRIPTION 851024 15.69 DC-to-DC Accelerated Battery Charging Device (ABCD) 851024 BATTERY POST ADAPTER Battery Post Adapter for General Motors side post batteries. Allows stud for attaching accessories wires. Sold as a pair. Clamshell packaged. BATTERY ISOLATORS Cadmium plated isolator with terminal nuts and lock-washers. 3 terminal isolator for metal frame ground systems, 4 terminal has insulated ground terminal for use with fiberglass or other non-conductive materials. Isolates starting battery, provides secondary battery current for auxiliary power and full time charging of both batteries. Clamshell packaged. PART # DESCRIPTION 857000 54.59 Battery Isolator - 3 Terminal 857001 54.59 Battery Isolator - 4 Terminal 857000 CIRCUIT BREAKERS Used in 6, 12, and 24v DC applications. Automotive, R.V., air condi t ioners, battery chargers, any application requiring over-current protection. Noncorrosive molded cover eliminates grounding when operating against a fault line. Includes mounting bracket and installed nuts and washers. Clamshell packaged. PART # DESCRIPTION 857010 11.31 15 Amp Circuit Breaker 857011 13.97 20 Amp Circuit Breaker 857012 12.20 30 Amp Circuit Breaker 857013 14.42 40 Amp Circuit Breaker 857022 12.54 50 Amp Circuit Breaker DIELECTRIC GREASE Using dielectric grease on electrical connectors helps prevent corrosion and increases reliability. Display packaged. 852010A TRAILER ELECTRIC BREAKAWAY SYSTEMS & ACCESSORIES PART # DESCRIPTION 853194 24.11 Side Post Adapters for General Motors PART # DESCRIPTION LB11755 12.95 2 oz. tube dielectric grease