Trailer Catalog

TRAILER HARDWARE tires & wheels axles, hubs & springs tongue accessories hitches electrical brake parts trailer hardware locks & pins towing & loading tie downs tools chemicals TRAILER TRAILER CATALOG 161 FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING TIE DOWN THREADED LINKS PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION SIZE UM LR50648 3.47 50648 QUICK CONNECTION ZINC FINISH TIGHTENS W/ FINGERS PACKAGED 5/16" EA LR50649 5.05 50649 QUICK CONNECTION ZINC FINISH TIGHTENS W/ FINGERS PACKAGED 3/8" EA SURFACE MOUNT WIRE RINGS PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION MAX LOAD RATING UM EK9108 10.95 09108 SURFACE MOUNT WIRE RING PACKAGED 1200# PR EK59108 4.95 59108 SURFACE MOUNT WIRE RING BULK 1200# EA EK9111 17.95 09111 HEAVY DUTY SURFACE MOUNT RING PACKAGED 11,000# EA EK59111 14.95 59111 HEAVY DUTY SURFACE MOUNT RING BULK 11,000# EA EK59168 22.95 59168 WELD ON FLIP ANCHOR BULK 5/8” 15,000# EA EK59169 30.95 59169 WELD ON FLIP ANCHOR BULK 3/4” 20,000# EA EK9113 10.95 09113 4-BOLT SURFACE MOUNT RING PACKAGED 2000# EA EK59113 6.95 59113 4-BOLT SURFACE MOUNT RING BULK 2000# EA SURFACE MOUNT WIRE RING PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION SAFE LOAD RATING UM BY32 5.14 B32F ZINC PLATED 3/8” DIA. FORGED ROPE RING DO NOT USE FOR LIFTING BULK 2000# EA BY28 8.50 B28F HEAVY DUTY WELD ON ROPE RING BULK 1000# EA BY20 2.58 B20 SURFACE MOUNTED RING WITH FORGED STEEL CLAMP BULK 800# EA BY21 2.72 B21 SURFACE MOUNTED ROPE RING 1/4” BLACK ZINC BULK 800# EA BY23 4.16 B23SS ROPE RING STAINLESS STEEL BULK 1000# EA TIE DOWN ANCHORS PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION MAX LOAD RATING UM EK9094 38.95 09094 HIDE-A-HOOK GASKETS & MOUNTING HARDWARE INCLUDED 1200# PR EK9095 30.95 09095 STAINLESS STEEL ANCHOR DISPLAY PACKAGED 1200# EA EK59095 12.95 59095 STAINLESS STEEL ANCHOR BULK 1200# EA EK9090 27.95 09090 HORSE SHOE ROPE CLEAT ZINC PLATED PACKAGED PR EK9091 14.95 09091 SWING OUT HOOKS SPRING LOADED SCREWS INC PR EK9108 EK59108 EK9111 EK59111 EK59168 EK59169 EK9113 EK59113 BY32 BY20 BY28 BY21 BY23 EK9094 EK9095 EK59095 EK9091 EK9090 2-PACK REPLACEMENT ANCHOR RINGS • 18" Length • With 2 movable rings • Aluminum design • Extra rings available Erickson's O-Track is available in 18" length with two moveable anchor rings. This unique aluminum design enables the user to mount multiple pieces end to end and as long as desired. The patented spring-loaded lock clip simply moves to whatever hole you need. Approved by the airline industry. Ideal for vertical or horizontal applications, trailers, pickup trucks, cargo vans, SUVs, etc. EK59132 ea (bulk) 6.95 O-TRACK PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION UM EK09133 33.95 09133 O-TRACK W/2 CLIP RINGS - 18” VERTICAL CLAM SHELL PACKAGING EA