Trailer Catalog

LOCKS & PINS tires & wheels axles, hubs & springs tongue accessories hitches electrical brake parts trailer hardware locks & pins towing & loading tie downs tools chemicals TRAILER 172 | 207-942-6769 • A multi-use resettable combination cable lock featuring an exclusive TRIMAFLEX ultra tough braided cable (10 feet long x 8mm diameter) and a combination lock head • Ideal for securing bikes, bike carriers, watercraft on the beach, trailers and much, much more COMBINATION CABLE LOCK 348000 28.99 10’ x 8mm TX2236 36.99 TX3048 49.99 TX3072 71.99 36” x 22mm 48” x 26mm 72” x 26mm BRAIDED & COILED QUADRA-BRAIDTM LOCK TX1532 23.99 32” x 15mm • Multi use combined cable and u-lock system - the best of both worlds • The security of a mini u-lock combined with the versatility of a cable • Max dual force lock system features exclusive Trimaflex™ quadra braid cable for maximum theft prevention MAX-DUAL FORCE U-CABLE LOCK • Armor plated • Repels saw cuts and bolt cutters • Comes with: 3 keys - one with a mini flashlight QUADRA-BRAIDTM LOCK • Integrated keyed cable locks with quick release bracket • Ballistic grade polymer lock housing for durability • Display packaged MULTI-PURPOSE SPARE TIRE LOCK IRONCLAD ARMOR PLATED LOCKS • All are ballistic grade covered with durable PVC skin to prevent scratching • Ideal for bicycles, motorcycles, spare tire, trailer, marine and more • All come with 3 ultra secure “Wise Keys” • One key is a mini flashlight • Flexible for easy transport • Display packaged • The only spare tire lock that secures both spare tire and tire bracket to welded frame member! • Locks through wheel lug nut hole for maximum security • Ideal for securing spare tires on: boat trailers, jeeps, trucks, and vans TX1572 34.99 72” x 15mm TX3000 29.99 36” x 12mm TX3600 29.99 6’ x 12mm "THE WORLD'S TOUGHEST LOCKSTM” TX8150 25.99 8’ x 15mm TRIMAFLEXTM DUAL LOOPED CABLE • Exclusive MAX security quadra braid multi-use cables • For maximum protection use with TX6000 and TX4004 for the ultimate in multi-use security TX1212 25.99 12’ x 12mm TX1510 24.99 15’ x 10mm TX3010 43.99 30’ x 10mm