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TOWING & LOADING tires & wheels axles, hubs & springs tongue accessories hitches electrical brake parts trailer hardware locks & pins towing & loading tie downs tools chemicals TRAILER TRAILER CATALOG 183 FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING DESCRIPTION PART # VISION 180 MIRROR WITH DELUXE CAST ALUMINUM MOUNTING BRACKET 530042 248.95 COMP UNIVERSAL MIRROR WITH DELUXE CAST ALUMINUM MOUNTING BRACKET 530045 207.95 CONCEPT II MIRROR WITH HIGH STRENGTH COMPOSITE BRACKET 530047 53.95 COMP II MIRROR WITH HIGH STRENGTH COMPOSITE BRACKET 530048 60.95 ELLIPSE MIRROR WITH HIGH STRENGTH COMPOSITE BRACKET 530049 64.95 PWC SPORT MIRRORS - BLACK 530051 26.95 PWC SPORT II - BLACK 530052 32.95 HAND MIRROR 530053 7.99 CLEAR SAFE-T-CLEAT 530054 45.95 WHITE SAFE-T-CLEAT 530056 45.95 BLACK RETRACTABLE DOCK CLEAT 530057 29.95 WHITE RETRACTABLE DOCK CLEAT 530058 29.95 ECONOMY MARINE MIRROR 530059 19.99 SUCTION CUP MIRROR 530060 24.95 BOATING SAFETY MIRROR 530061 29.95 CIPA UNIVERSAL CLIP ON MIRRORS 530041 50.95 530040 31.95 530039 18.95 CLIP ON TOWING MIRROR4 CIPA's Clip-On Towing Mirror was designed to fit large factory truck and van mirrors. Rubber straps secure the Clip-On Towing Mirror to your vehicle's existing mirror, and easy-to-adjust arms fit tightly for a steady vibration-free ride. The Clip-On Towing Mirror extends your vision further than any OE mirror ever could with a total extension of 7 inches. This mirror will not obstruct your vehicle's existing viewing area. The Clip-On Towing Mirror has a 5" by 7.5" mirror face that widens visibility, in addition to your factory mirror, for peace of mind while towing. It will fit upt to a 10" mirror. The Clip-On Towing Mirror is not position specific, so it can accommodate the driver side or the passenger side of your vehicle. Installation is simple and no tools are required. The Clip-On Towing Mirror is perfect for temporary or light towing needs. It is not recommended to be used as a full time heavy-duty towing solution. For best results, remove the towing mirror when not in use, and store in a cool dry place. Expand your Horizons. 3DUAL VIEW CLIP ON TOWING MIRROR The Dual-view Clip-On Towing Mirror provides better towing vision than any towing mirror out there! This innovative product features two fully adjustable mirror surfaces that allow you to fully customize your viewing area. The Dual-view Clip-on's large, flat mirror surface gives an accurate perspective of what is behind you, while the smaller convex surface acts as a built-in spot mirror for increased safety while driving, passing or changing lanes. Plus the fully enclosed mirror head design not only reduces wind vibration, but also ensures that the Dual-View's adjustable mirror surfaces stay right where you put them. This universal mirror features two adjustable arms and rubber straps that will not obstruct your existing mirror. Fits most 7" to 10" mirrors. Expand your Horizons. UNIVERSAL TOWING MIRROR4 CIPA's Universal Towing Mirror is the mirror that you have been looking for! This member of CIPA's towing line is designed to fit the majority of vehicles, and reduce vibration, while maintaining a clean aerodynamic look on your existing mirror. This towing mirror is sure to surpass your expectations in all situations! The Universal Towing Mirror will provide enhanced safety while towing by extending your vision by a full 5 inches. This mirror features a 5 inch by 4.5 inch mirror face, and will not obstruct the view from your original factory mirror. The moveable feet, sturdy clamps, and tightening knob give you a secure fit without annoying vibration. This mirror's aerodynamic styling compliments virtually any vehicle. The Universal Towing Mirror accommodates the driver side or passenger side of your vehicle. Expand your Horizons. CIPA CUSTOM TOWING MIRROR REPLACEMENT HARDWARE Lost a knob, misplaced a wedge? CIPA offers a complete line of replacement hardware.