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TOWING & LOADING tires & wheels axles, hubs & springs tongue accessories hitches electrical brake parts trailer hardware locks & pins towing & loading tie downs tools chemicals TRAILER TRAILER CATALOG 189 FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING GRIPS trailer snowmobile track grip system PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION 362002 29.95 13200 Grips - 6 Pack PD3200 3.95 CR0102 Grips - Sold Each (no hardware) Low Cost Maximum Traction for loading your Snowmobile • Excellent Option for Deeper Lug tracks • Excellent traction and braking control while loading or unloading • Proprietary Impact Modified Polyolefin plastic makes Grips extremely durable • Prevent the track from freezing to your trailer deck • Provides superior performance as compared to any other grip type product • Flexible, Strong and guaranteed to last! • Made in USA and includes Caliber’s Lifetime Warranty PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION 562002 34.95 23060 Trax Grabber, Double Set (2 pcs w/40 pc stainless hardware kit) TRAX GRABBER effortless loading of your snowmobiles. Modified High Density TPO with Stainless Steel Hardware for Strong Lifelong Performance. • Innovative lug pattern provides smooth interlocking Grip for your track. • Strategic lug placement engages 2.5”, 2.86“ and 3.0” pitch tracks. • Great for all tracks including Paddle Tracks and Studded tracks. • 16” width accommodates all track widths without overhang. • Great Low Profile design makes for safe walking. • High-impact plastic (TPO), guaranteed not to crack, chip, break or wear out. • Stainless steel screws ; installs with ease will not rust. • Flexible, Strong and Guaranteed not to break. • Made in USA and includes Caliber’s lifetime warranty. • 1/2” x 18” x 10’ • Made of 100% recycled materials, largely recycled tires • Reflex rubber traction pad is an economical solution to protect specified areas of your trailer’s floor from damage resulting from your snowmobile’s studded track • Reflex rubber traction pad is a processed board product formed by blending granular crumb rubber derived from discarded tires and various low density polymer components pre-molded under heat and pressure • Recommended fasteners: zinc or stainless screws w/ a 3/4” minimum washer (not included) • Sold each REFLEX RUBBER TRACTION PAD "THE WAY TO PROTECT YOUR TRAILER FLOOR" PART # MFG # 531810 62.95 MRT121810 TRAX SAVER save the track paddles! Long Lasting, No Hardware Necessary • Saves track paddles from damage during transport, by raising them off deck surface • Easily tucks underneath paddles, once snowmobile is loaded • Designed to work with Caliber Trax Grabber • Made from highly durable, proprietary rubber blend PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION 362009 34.95 23062 TraxSaver (Mountain) PART# MFG # DESCRIPTION PD3210 49.95 PM13210 TraxMat - 54” PD3211 59.95 PM13211 TraxMat - 72” TRAXMAT the best snowmobile traction mat on the market Stop the damage to your trailer decking or ramp caused by studded tracks. • Provides excellent traction when loading and unloading your snowmobile • Available in 54" and 72" length • Extra wide 18" width • Unique bottom groove design allows moisture to dissipate and dry out; preventing trailer deck rot