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TOWING & LOADING tires & wheels axles, hubs & springs tongue accessories hitches electrical brake parts trailer hardware locks & pins towing & loading tie downs tools chemicals TRAILER TRAILER CATALOG 191 FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING Moto TractionBar Designed to give your Snowbike added tractionwhen loading on hard, packed, or icy surfaces, becomes difficult. Easy-attach connections allow you to accommodate to the situation in a snap. The Moto TractionBar is the perfect companion for theMotoRampProwhen loading Snowbikes in situations that are not ideal. 1,200 lbs. load rating / 600 lbs. per side THE MOST VERSATILE RAMP ON THE MARKET FOR ALL YOUR TOYS! Moto RampPro For a more specific use than our traditional RampPro, the Moto RampPro is a seperable, bi-fold ramp, designed for ATVs, Dirt Bikes, and Snowbikes. With a 1,200 lb.* capacity, (600 lbs Per Side) this ramp will accommodate most of your loading needs. A snowbike loading system has finally arrived. No more getting help trying to load. This simple, safe and effective bi-fold ramp is designed for more than just snow bikes, Moto ramp is also amazing for Dirtbikes and ATVs. With a 1,200 lb.* capacity, (600 lbs Per Side) this ramp will accommodate most of your loading needs. Designed specifically to address loading of snowbikes. WHEN ADDITIONAL GROUND TRACTION IS NEEDED! PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION 362043 694.95 13560 Moto Ramp Pro (Universal Snow Bike/Dirt/ ATV Ramp) PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION 362044 119.95 13562 Moto Traction Bar (900 Ground Traction Bar for Moto Ramp) RAMP PRO 2.0 snow and atv UNIVERSAL RAMP SNOWMOBILE ATV / UTV TRAIL FOLDS DOWN TO 26” WIDE ULTIMATE LUG TRACTION FOR ATV AND SAFE WALKING SMOOTH CHANNELS FOR SKI GLIDE Safe and Effective Grips and Glides make loading and unloading effortless! • Innovative grip design provides superior traction for all wheel vehicles • Incorporates Caliber’s proven friction-reducing Snowmobile Carbide glide technology • Low Pro Grip Glides provides the markets safest walk (up and down the ramp) • Slotted fastening system allows for expansion and contraction, preventing warp • Universal Design accommodates almost all Snowmobile and ATV stances • Includes Caliber’s Self-Retracting strap for easy mounting to your Vehicle • 52“wide x 90” long makes for a comfortable loading angle • 1500lb. rating Includes Caliber’s lifetime warranty PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION 362068 694.95 13204 Ramp-Pro 2.0 Ramp Grips for Studded Tracks (6 pc. 15” pieces) 2 required