Trailer Catalog

TOWING & LOADING tires & wheels axles, hubs & springs tongue accessories hitches electrical brake parts trailer hardware locks & pins towing & loading tie downs tools chemicals TRAILER 194 | 207-942-6769 TILT-EZ • An innovative trailer tilting system • Mechanically tilts trailer • Positive operation in both directions unlike anything else in the market • Holds your trailer in a tilted position for easy loading and unloading • Operated with an 18 volt drill or the supplied hand crank • Yellow zinc and black powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance • Quick and easy installation • Removable ram for storage while traveling to keep Tilt-EZ out of the road elements • Tilt-EZ is lubricated with a marine tech grease designed for salt water applications SECUREZ (QUICK SNOWMOBILE TIE DOWN SYSTEM) • A unique and quick tie down system for your snowmobile skis secure your skis • Utilizes a split nut design for a quick tie down and no hassle adjustment every time you secure your skis • Yellow zinc plated and black E- coat for maximum corrosion resistance • All internal components are lubricated with a marine tech grease designed for salt water applications SINGLE JSP200 89.95 DESCRIPTION PART # Tilt-Ez, Single Pole, No Center Lock JSP100 299.95 TIlt-Ez, Wishbone Tongue JSP110 299.95 Tilt-Ez, Single Tongue With Center Tilt Lock JSP120 299.95 FLIP RAMP (TILT TRAILER REAR FLAP) SET OF TWO (8FT) • FlipRamp is 9’ x 48” • Sold as a set (for full width trailers) or individually (for ramp doors and inline/V-nose trailers) • Mounting brackets and hinges are made from aluminum for corrosion resistance • The FlipRamp creates a FULL bridge from trailer to ground • Innovative hinge system allows for easy FlipRamp removal with NO tools • Additional FlipRamp Brackets are sold for easy storage on a trailer wall or garage wall JSP400 96.95 FLIP RAMP 2 BRACKET KIT (REPLACEMENT/ STORAGE) • FlipRamp Storage Brackets allow for easy storage of the Flip Ramp on a trailer or garage wall • Sold in a set of 2 JSP490 6.95 SET OF TWO JSP210 179.76