Trailer Catalog

AXLES, HUBS & SPRINGS tires & wheels axles, hubs & springs tongue accessories hitches electrical brake parts trailer hardware locks & pins towing & loading tie downs tools chemicals TRAILER CATALOG 29 FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING GREASEABLE WHEEL BEARING PROTECTORS • Sold in pairs only • Visual lubricant and pressure indicator • Fits 2" hubs • Blue ring recessed • Sold in pairs only • Bearing Buddy Bras fit over Bearing Buddys to capture grease that can be thrown onto the wheels when the automatic pressure relief feature releases excess grease • Blister packaged • Sold in pairs only • Provide permanent protection against damage from water and dirt entering the wheel bearings • Prevent corrosion resulting from water entering the hub when the trailer wheels are suddenly submerged • Automatically maintain the correct internal pressure - can not damage seals • Sold in pairs only • The ultimate in wheel bearing protection for your trailer • Replaces dust cap on trailer hub for easy lubrication and maximum protection • Prevents bearing failure, keeps water and dirt out of hubs • Bearings receive constant lubrication, never need to be repacked • Quick lubricant check level • Quality construction: heavy chrome plated barrel, stainless steel internal parts BEARING BUDDY PART # MFG # FITS HUBS OUTER BEARING OUTER CUP BUDDY BRA U/M BB1781 24.35 41202 1-3/4" LM11949 LM11910 BB17 PR BB1980 25.26 42102 2" LM44643 LM44649 LM44610 BB19 PR BB2328 31.07 43102 2-5/16" LM67048 LM67010 BB23 PR BEARING BUDDY II WITH AUTO CHECK PART # MFG # FITS HUBS OUTER BEARING OUTER CUP BUDDY BRA U/M BB1985 26.13 42202 2" LM44643 LM44610 BB19 PR BEARING BUDDY BRA PART # MFG # FITS HUBS BEARING BUDDY U/M BB17 6.41 70017 1-3/4" BB1781 PR BB19 6.41 70019 2" BB1980/ BB1985 PR BB23 6.41 70023 2-5/16" BB2328 PR FULTON WHEEL BEARING PROTECTORS PART # MFG # FITS HUBS OUTER BEARING OUTER CUP COVER INCLUDED PROTECTOR COVER U/M FT198 20.75 BPC1980604 2" LM44643/ LM44649 LM44610 YES 444001 PR FT232* 26.65 BP232S0604 2-5/16" LM67048 LM67010 NO 444002 PR *FT232 HUB NOT COUNTER BORED. ** FT244 HUB COUNTER BORED.