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ITEMS UTILITY JUG FLOOR MOUNT MAGNETIC LIGHT MINE • Secure the EZ3 or EZ5 Utility Jug to your truck, trailer or van • Ability to use a padlock for extra security • Size: 11” x 6.75” x 3.5” (27.5cm x 14.5cm x 8.9cm) • Use with EZ3 or EZ5 Utility Jug • Recommended flathead screw size (not included): - 5x Wood or sheet metal flathead screws: #8 - 1” length - 5x Flathead bolts: 3/16” • Bright wide angle LED • 12 rare earth magnets for easy hands free operation • Small to fit in tight spaces (about the size of a golf ball) MOTION ACTIVATED LIGHTING SYSTEM The MPI creates five points of light, all from your existing fixture! These 5 points spread light to all corners of the room, filling the entire space and reducing shadows caused by single-point illumination. This system installs in minutes and is powered by a standard ceiling fixture, eliminating the need to hire an electrician to properly light large spaces like a garage, attic, or basement. TRILIGHT CEILING LIGHT The TRiLIGHT motion sensing LED ceiling light replaces the dim light bulb typically found in your garage, basement or utility room. Upgrading to 4000 True Lumens Bright White LED light and motion activation is as easy as screwing in a light bulb! Now with adjustable motion sensitivity! TRILIGHT SHOPLIGHT V2 The TRiLIGHT ShopLight V2 has the ability to quickly transform from a 360 degree drop light, into a single direction shop light, and any light pattern in-between. This adaptability offers a wider variety of more useful light arrays in comparison to traditional lighting. TOOLS Page 264 in Tools Page 263 in Tools Page 264 in Tools