Trailer Catalog

ELECTRICAL tires & wheels axles, hubs & springs tongue accessories hitches electrical brake parts trailer hardware locks & pins towing & loading tie downs tools chemicals TRAILER 92 | 207-942-6769 BACK-UP LIGHTS 416K SEALED OVAL BACK-UP LIGHT • Sealed, oval back-up light meets DOT requirement in either horizontal or vertical position • Polycarbonate lens is sonic welded to housing to form single unit • Kit includes light, grommet (# PM42118), and plug (# PM14249) SEALED ROUND 4” BACK-UP LIGHT 415K • Features extra wide, spin-welded, tongue-and-groove lens lip and waterproof seal • High performance, copper alloy conductors eliminate the possibility of wire failure • State-of-the-art bulb design features three supports for the minor filament and two supports for the major filament providing long bulb life • Wedge-base socket prevents premature bulb failure • Kit includes light, grommet (# PM42618) and plug (# PM43149) PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION PM415 18.30 415K Clear Light Kit PM42618 5.58 426-18 Grommet Only PM43149 6.12 431-49 Plug Only PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION PM4165 19.32 416K Clear Light Kit PM42118 5.74 421-18 Grommet Only PM14249 5.93 142-49 Plug Only Acrylic rectangular reflectors for surface mount. Self-adhesive and screw mount. OBLONG REFLECTORS Acrylic oblong reflectors for surface mount. Self-adhesive and screw mount. Round acrylic reflectors for surface mount. Self-adhesive. PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION OP221 4.05 RE-15AK Amber Reflector OP222 4.05 RE-15RK Red Reflector PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION OP127 4.05 RE-12AK Amber Reflector OP128 4.05 RE-12RK Red Reflector PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION OP217 2.05 RE-21AS Amber Reflector OP218 2.05 RE-21RS Red Reflector 3-3/16” ROUND REFLECTORS RECTANGULAR REFLECTORS REFLECTORS SPITFIRE ® REFLECTOR KIT 50% wider reflectivity angle than conventional reflectors. Kit contains 2 each round 2-7/8” diameter, 2 each rectangular 2-3/4” x 1-1/4”, 2 each rectangular 4-5/16” x 1-11/16”, all red, in attractive, self-service visual packaging. PART # MFG # DESCRIPTION PM493 9.95 V493KR Spitfire Reflector Kit