Winter Catalog

CHEMICALS accessories body & chassis engine electrical & ignition controls fuel & intake rewind clutch drive rear suspension front suspension traction mini sleds chemicals tools & shop trailer & towing 1226 | 207-942-6769 Snowmobile Goggles Anti Fog Cleaner • Glass, goggle cleaner • Anti-fog lens cleaner • Snowmobile helmet cleaning • Snowmobile windshield cleaning • Non toxic, biodegradable, non aerosol, • Ozone safe DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # 4 oz. 12 700106 5.95 32 oz. 12 700110 8.95 SLEDBRITE KRYSTAL VIEW Snowmobile Belly Pan Cleaner Degreaser • Clean black exhaust stain from snowmobile and snowmobile parts • Safe on sled decals and plastic • Clean snowmobile belly pan, belts, clutches, equipment • Non toxic, biodegradable, non aerosol, ozone safe DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # 16 oz. 12 700108 8.95 32 oz. 12 700109 15.95 SLEDBRITE BELLY PAN CLEANER SLEDBRITE METAL POLISH Polish Snowmobile Tunnels and Metal • Removes dullness from tunnel and metal • Creates a brilliant shine • Seals the metal for protection DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # 2 oz. 20 700105 8.95 SLEDBRITE LEATHER, VINYL, FABRIC Snowmobile Vinyl Fabric Leather Cleaner • Vinyl cleaner, fabric cleaner, leather cleaner • Safely removes stains from snowmobile seats, suits, gloves, helmet liner and more • Leather jacket cleaner, suede cleaner, clothing cleaner • Non toxic, biodegradable, non aerosol, ozone safe DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # 4 oz. 12 700107 5.95 Buffing Polishing Ball • Drastically reduce your polishing time • Polish hard to reach areas • Soft, yet durable fibers made to last • Polish a wide range of metals and surfaces • Connects to any common drill BIO-KLEEN POLISHING BALL BIO-KLEEN AMAZING CLEANER Boat Vinyl Cleaner | All Purpose Vinyl, Leather, Fabric & More • Lifts dirt and stains from vinyl and fabric • Breaks down insect debris on vehicles • Remove the chalk residue on rubber RV roofs • Remove mold and mildew stains on canvas and more • Non toxic, Biodegradable, Non Aerosol DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # 16 oz. 12 700116 9.95 32 oz. 12 700124 16.95 DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # 1 Polishing Ball 24 700100 16.95 BIO-KLEEN GLASS KLEEN Glass and Surface Cleaner • Clean Glass, Windows, Mirrors, Chrome & Counters • Wipes Away Clean and Streak Free • Ammonia Free • Non toxic, Biodegradable, Non Aerosol, Ozone Safe DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # 32 oz. 12 700137 8.95 SNOWMOBILE CLEANING PRODUCTS SledBrite snowmobile cleaners are used and recommended by respected professionals in the snowmobile industry: Ski-doo premier snocross team BOSS Racing, Christian Brothers Racing snocross team, Warnert Racing snocross team, Stud Boy traction and their factory racing team, Woody’s traction products and Dunigan Racing snowmobile drag racing. Bio-Kleen has a snowmobile cleaner for every application. BIO-KLEEN ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY CLEANERS Biodegradable, Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions Produced with the most Natural, Premium, Renewable and Non-Petroleum based ingredients for each application. All products are Non-Aerosol and Ozone Safe. Liquid Boat RV Vehicle Wash • Super concentrated liquid wash for Boats, RV and Auto • Quickly removes scum lines, dirt, grime, insects and water spots • Leave behind added protection and shine • Phosphate Free, Non toxic, Biodegradable, Non Aerosol DESCRIPTION QTY/CS PART # 32 oz. 12 700135 16.95 BIO-KLEEN SUPER SUDS