Winter Catalog

ACCESSORIES accessories body & chassis engine electrical & ignition controls fuel & intake rewind clutch drive rear suspension front suspension traction mini sleds chemicals tools & shop trailer & towing 16 | 207-942-6769 INFLATABLE SNOWSHOE “Our motto is to get out there and experience winter - always better to be safe than sorry” YUKON CHARLIE’S TREK SERIES Out there enjoying yourself and something goes wrong - our NEW lightweight inflatable emergency snowshoes will help get you to safety. Extremely lightweight and packable to fit in any backpack, cargo space, or in the trunk of a vehicle. Inner bladder is designed to inflate easily and the outer cover is durable enough to withstand the rigors of getting through tough backcountry conditions. Our Fast Fit harness system is designed to fit most shoe sizes and keep you in securely when the snow gets deep. • Durable inflatable construction provides a stable platform to get through the snow in an emergency situation • Our fast fit 1-pull bindings provide easy in and out and a secure fit while in use • Extremely portable (lightweight and small overall footprint for storage) SIZE RED 1 size 968031 129.99 FLIPOUT TREKKING POLES DESCRIPTION PART # Carbon, Blue/Gray 968029 99.99 Aluminum, Red/Silver 968030 59.99 Lightweight collapsible trekking poles for the ultimate balance in function and storability. Deployment system is quick and easy to fully extend and is extremely stable in use. Includes a Fast Lock adjustment system for added adjustability and has a molded EVA comfort grip. Includes trekking baskets. Available in aluminum and carbon construction. TREK LITE POLES DESCRIPTION PART # BLUE 968025 44.99 RED 968026 44.99 ORANGE 968027 44.99 GREEN 968028 44.99 Lightweight 7000 series aluminum trekking poles that offer the combination of the Fast Lock adjustment system for quick length adjustments as well as our Twist Lock anti-shock feature to provide stress release on the muscles / joints over longer hikes. Molded EVA cork grip for a comfortable secure grip in all weather conditions. Includes trekking and snow baskets.