Winter Catalog

ACCESSORIES accessories body & chassis engine electrical & ignition controls fuel & intake rewind clutch drive rear suspension front suspension traction mini sleds chemicals tools & shop trailer & towing 38 | 207-942-6769 • A generously sized tool and supply bag that rolls up and shuts snugly with a fully adjustable hook and loop closure system, providing compact and convenient storage • Tools not included TOOL CADDY PD13610 22.00 HAT SACK DELUXE • Large “hat-shaped” pocket for your favorite hat, plus two additional pockets for easy access to keys, wallets, phones, GPS, etc. PD13602 35.00 OEM# 2882588 L:210cm, W:90cm, H:88mm Two material options: 1. poly 600d - water & UV resistant 2. cotton canvas - water & uv resistant, thick & durable Designed for timbersled 120"-137" May fit more snowbike makes Trailerable cover, water , cold, and uv resistant material w/gas tank & handlebar access. Big muffler plug Fits both 2-stroke & 4-stroke Material: PVC Keeps snow & moisture out when trailering or storing. Remove before starting engine. Holder wide: 10cm, 2 pc 92(+/-1)cm(left/right) tie down strap/set, 2,000 lbs. Material: nylon 1680d **For use with 2 tie downs, red loop fits over handlebars and tightens once strapped. SNOWBIKE FORK GAITERS Sleeve W:70mm x L:340mm Cable tie l:290mm/w: 4.8mm x 2pcs, L:240mm /w:4.8mm x 2pcs. Material: plastic+neoprene ** These neoprene protectors prolong the life of the fork seals and sliders. The protectors are pulled over the stanchions and secured with cable ties. So neither water nor dirt nor dust can touch the fork tubes. Ref# 0502-0316 Spification: 1" webbing x 100 cm Includes instruction sheet ** Strap mounts to front forks. Will fit most models. Provides a place to lift when you're in a nasty situation on the trail or loading a machine into the back of your pick-up. 1"X36cm webbing, plastic clamp *2, hex bolt(m6 x25m)* 2,(m5 x16mm)* 2,(m8 x20m)* 2 nylon washer * 4, alu washer * 2, alu bushings x 2 pcs, w/instruction sheet. Material: aluminum + p.P + nylon + steel ** Fits nearly any bike that uses two bolts to attach the seat to the sub-frame (17" max length between the bolts) ** Fits nearly all ktm models with the single underfender seat bolt. SNOWBIKE DOLLY L:35.5cm, W:24cm, Axle L:34cm, w/ tire 200 x 50 x 6pcs, Max inflate: 60psi, 410kpa. w/ 1" tie down x 1pc, Loading: front 400lbs, rear 200lbs. Works with timbersled MH/ARO, Camso, & WPS snowbikes For use when transporting snowbike on hard surfaces. Large inflatable wheels allow for easy loading and unloading. Ski fitting rails: 8.25” outside width, 6.25” inside width, 3.15” height 128018 299.95 SNOWBIKE COVER 128019 164.95 SNOWBIKE MUFFLER PLUG SNOWBIKE HANDLEBAR HARNESS 128013 6.95 128012 19.95 128014 15.95 SNOWBIKE FRONT LIFT STRAP 128015 10.95 SNOWBIKE REAR LIFT STRAP 128016 22.95 SPI SNOWBIKE PARTS