Winter Catalog

BODY & CHASSIS accessories body & chassis engine controls clutch drive rear suspension front suspension traction chemicals tools & shop trailer & towing mini sleds electrical & ignition fuel & intake rewind 75 WINTER CATALOG UNMATCHED PROTECTION: First and foremost, Cobras protect you from the wind... no more frozen fingers, hands and upper body. GREAT AERODYNAMICS: Cobras slip through the wind with little drag. Less drag means more speed! COLD WEATHER DURABILITY: Cobras are molded from bullet-proof (.80”) Polycarbonate plastic. They remain flexible in the cold and take punishment better than any other shield on the market. HOT DESIGN: Our shape design comes from countless hours of testing. Our Graphics lead the industry! CobraTM Windshields by PowerMadd are among the best selling snowmobile accessories on the market. CobraTM Windshields sell because they offer outstanding protection from the wind. We were the first to introduce flared windshields that kept riders warm, and it remains our primary focus today. Secondly, we have always been of the belief that the windshield is the primary focal point on a snowmobile - it’s the first thing people see when they check out your sled. So naturally, this key element should be a sleek, stylish and colorful component. We work hard to make CobraTM Windshields make your sled look better than it did with the stock OEM windshield. And finally, CobraTM Windshields are known throughout the industry as the most durable windshields available. They are made of premium virgin polycarbonate plastic and are molded using material that is appreciably thicker than the windshields made by our competitors. The net result is an incredibly tough windshield designed to take the punishment that sledders are famous for delivering. • Easily mounts to your existing windshield, Cobra brand or O.E. • Molded from durable Polycarbonate • Unmatched strength and cold weather flexibility • Customize your windshield height for your riding condition • Adjustable from 0” to 3” • Kit includes adjustable windshield portion, hardware, and instructions • Kit will work on low, mid, and high windshields COBRA ADJUSTABLE SNOWMOBILE WINDSHIELD CONVERSION KITS Polaris Standard Indy 770560 49.50 SKI-DOO Rev 781261 59.95 224025 224007 224008 224009 224005 224006 224012 224013 224010 224011 224014 224026 224028 224029 224032 COBRATM WINDSHIELDS BY