Bullite Wheels 2022

207-942-6769 custserv@autodist.com w ww.autodist.com 207-942-6769 custserv@autodist.com w ww.autodist.com Contact us today! Continue to page 3. BULLITE wheel is an innovative new type of aluminum wheel. It combines the process of friction stir welding, roll-forming the rim, with a cast or forged disc. Its advantages are that it is lighter and stronger than traditional aluminum wheels. Full Rolled Profile: Increased strength of the rim flange. Roll FormedAluminumPlate Rim: Reduced thickness helps reduce the weight. Friction StirWelding: Weld all grades of aluminum alloy. No pores, cracks or other defects. LowTemperateCast Disc: Shorter casting time and denser grain structure. ForgedBeadlockRing: Increased impact resistance, which reduces the risk of tire detachment. Full Rolled Profile Roll Formed Rim Friction StirWelding LowTempCast Disc ForgedBeadlock Ring INSIDE ANDOUT BUILT STRONG STRONGASABULL LITE ASA FEATHER