Scott USA Product Lookbook 207-942-6769 15 Upgrade your SCOTT goggles and make them ready for the mud with the SCOTTWFS50 Roll-Off kit. Kit contains 1 x left canister, 1 x right canister, 1 x anti-stick grid, 5 x refills. Fits the Prospect and Fury goggles. SCOTT GOGGLE CASE SMALL 557773 25.00 Holds 2 Goggles SCOTT INDIVIDUAL GOGGLE BAGS (5 PACK) 557774 12.00 COLOR : grey SCOTT WFS50 ROLL-OFF KIT PROSPECT/FURY 557754 55.00 COLOR : black The WORKS Grid Film Kit can turn your existing Scott goggle with a WORKS lens into a Grid film system. SCOTT BUZZ ANTI-STICK GRID KIT 557757 45.00 COLOR : black F I LM KITS FOR GOGGLES FI LM KITS SCOTT SPEED STRAP REPLACEMENT STRAP KIT 557751 19.00 COLOR: black SCOTT SPEED STRAP REPLACEMENT STRAP KIT 557752 19.00 COLOR: bue SCOTT SPEED STRAP REPLACEMENT STRAP KIT 557753 19.00 COLOR: red SCOTT SEMISOFT GOGGLE CASE 557771 12.00 Holds one Goggle